What is The Benefits Of Eating Honey –

Honey (HONEY)

Best Advantage Of Eating Honey –

Medicine for all diseases-

Grind half a teaspoon of basil leaves or 100 leaves of basil, mix three teaspoons of honey, two teaspoons of water and drink it for a month. Honey is beneficial in lung diseases like bronchitis, pneumonia, TB, asthma etc.

Is. In Russia, honey is more used in lung diseases. Asthma – An old recipe is to give two spoons of onion juice or one onion to the pulp, mixed with two spoons of honey, to mucous, weak persons whose lungs are filled with mucus and breathing is difficult. Asthma and lung diseases are cured by consuming honey. Honey strengthens the lungs, removes cough, dryness of the throat and nervous pain. Chest congestion… the wheezing goes away. You can take only honey. In case of cold, cough, fever, one-fourth teaspoon of ground peepal in one teaspoon of honey

Mix it and eat it three times a day.

Cold, cough – one teaspoon honey and quarter teaspoon salt mixed three times daily

Lick the bar

Benefits of Honey in Cough –

(1) Boil a lemon in water, then take it out and squeeze it in a glass. Add one ounce of glycerin and three ounces of honey and stir. Taking one spoon of it four times stops coughing.

(2) Honey gives relief in cough. Licking 12 grams of honey thrice a day removes phlegm, cough is cured. Malaria – 1 teaspoon ground black fennel mixed with 1 teaspoon honey, once daily

Malaria that comes on the fourth day is cured by eating it.

If you feel more thirsty, keep 2 spoons of honey in your mouth and keep it for 10 minutes, then spit it out and gargle. It will be okay to feel more thirsty again and again. Hives – When big drugs and injections do not help in hives, then Nagkesar

Mix 6 grams, 25 grams honey and feed the patient in the morning and evening. It is realized yoga. Black spots on the skin, stains – Mix one teaspoon of honey with a quarter teaspoon of lemon juice and apply it on the black spots. Wash off after an hour. The dark spots will disappear in a few weeks. Moisture – Honey has the property of absorbing moisture. This kills the germs.

Honey should be applied three times in the case of cracked heels, sores in the soles (itching in the feet due to rain water, pimples), discoloration of the skin of the fingers, and nails.

Skin diseases –

Many skin diseases, such as itching, mild spots on the body, boils, pimples, acne are cured by drinking water mixed with honey.

Erysipelas –

Old people say that repeated application of pure honey or applying honey on clothes cures Erysipelas. Honey purifies the blood.

Makes new blood. Three spoons ground to cure intestinal diseases, hunger, eye and skin diseases


Soak amla in a glass of water overnight. Filter it in the morning and four spoons of honey

Mix and drink

Poisonous bite –

Honey on the bitten area due to the bite of a jackal, dog, scorpion etc.

There are benefits by applying and internal consumption. Frost Bite – If there is constant pain in the cold sore part, then on it

Rub honey.

Cai, hiccups – by licking two spoons of onion juice mixed with the same amount of honey,

Hiccups stop. Even licking honey also stops hiccups.

On wounds-

(1) Tying a honey bandage provides relief.

(2) Bandage with one part yellow wax, four parts honey ointment. Heat the wax and add honey. It will become an ointment. Wounds that do not heal are healed by this.

Applying honey on the organs burnt by fire reduces the burning sensation, in case of wounds.

Keep applying honey until it is fine. When the wound is healed, the burn becomes white.

live. Applying honey on them and keep tying the bandage. The stains will disappear.

People suffering from rheumatism should eat honey in abundance for a long time. It benefits a lot. Joint pain is reduced. Long life – Honey is beneficial for the body to get strong and long life. Honey is the best food for old people. It saves from the sufferings of old age.

Constipation –

This is a natural mild diarrhea. Drink 50 grams of honey mixed with fresh water or milk in the morning and before going to bed. Honey has a sedative effect on the stomach.

Exhaustion –

The use of honey gives strength, energy and strength to the nerves. Those working in the sea who have to stay in water for a long time can get this power from honey. The biggest property of honey is to remove tiredness.

Digestive organs are spoiled by sugar, air is produced in the stomach but honey prevents the formation of air. It increases mental and physical strength. After doing all the work, at night or whenever you feel tired, drink two spoons of honey squeezed lemon juice in half a glass of warm water, all the tiredness will go away and you will feel fresh again.

In diabetes, if there is a strong desire to eat sweets, instead of sugar, take a very small amount of honey and get sugar in the urine. Can avoid chronic diseases of kidney (renal)


Prevention of Black Cataract-

The use of honey proves to be very beneficial to avoid dreadful diseases like black cataracts and sheaves of the eyes.


Ophthalmologist Dr. R. of Sawai Mansingh Hospital, Jaipur. Yes. Sharma has told that people can avoid this disease by adding one drop of honey every day. He told that not only this, people who have cataract, if they use honey for three to four weeks in the initial stage, then they will definitely benefit.

Night blindness –

Applying honey in the eyes like kajal at the time of sleeping ends night blindness. It also removes vision.

Migraine –

(1) If the headache starts from sunrise, as soon as the sun starts setting, the headache stops, in such a half-head pain on which side If there is pain in the head, put one drop of honey in the other nostril, the pain will get relief.

(2) Sometimes suddenly there is severe pain in half the head, the patient even vomits in pain. The pain stops on vomiting. This pain keeps on happening again and again. Taking two spoons of honey at the time of daily meal does not cause pain. If there is any pain, then taking two spoons of honey at the same time cures it.

Rubbing with lemon, honey, gram flour and sesame oil enhances the beauty of the skin by giving it a natural glow. in the throat

If there is swelling, licking one spoon of honey thrice a day is beneficial. If the voice of the throat has settled, then gargling with a cup of warm water with a spoonful of honey opens the voice.

Crying in sleep –

If the child cries in sleep, then understand that he is dreaming with indigestion.

Used to be. Lick him honey for a few days, indigestion will go away and crying in sleep will stop.

Tuberculosis (T.B.) –

One cup pomegranate juice, one cup milk mixed with three spoons of honey and drink it daily in the morning.

Decay – 25 grams of honey mixed with 100 grams of butter should be given. Consuming one spoon honey, two spoons of native ghee, the decay of the body stops, the strength increases.

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