Benefits of Eating Chana (Bengal Grams) | why Chana is also known as energy booster


Latin name Cicer arietinum:

Benefits of Taking Chana ( Bengal Grams)-

To reduce obesity, take gram and tea in breakfast. Leprosy- Eating sprouted gram for 3 years gives benefit in leprosy. Strengthening=

(1) Soak 250 grams of gram in one kg of water overnight. moonlit night

If yes, then keep them in the moonlight. Boil them in the morning until one-fourth of the water remains. This water Drinking it increases physical strength.

(2) Eating 50 grams fresh green gram (green chickpeas peeled) regularly increases power. To make grams tasty, sprinkling with oil is more beneficial than ghee. Chana is cold, antipyretic and semen purifier.

Vitamin ‘C’ – Every family should have breakfast of sprouted gram in the morning. Soak good chickpeas in water for 24 hours, then tie them in a damp cloth for an hour. From this sprouts come out in every gram. Squeeze lemon on these sprouted chickpeas, ground 152

healing through food

Chopped Ginger, Black Pepper, Green Chili, Green Coriander, Black Salt, Rock Salt to taste

can put. Vitamin ‘C’ is found in abundance in this breakfast. This breakfast strengthens the lungs, increases weight, blood and purifies the blood. Maintains proper digestion. Chana is nutritious, healthy, cardiovascular and preventive, brings energy to the body.

Protein – Feed children black gram instead of expensive almonds, they will be more healthy. Whereas almonds for the cost of one egg provide one gram of protein and thirty calories of heat, the same amount of black gram provides 41 grams of protein and 864 calories of heat.

Chana ( Grams ) benefits in different types of diseases –

Constipation – Wash and soak one or two handfuls of gram overnight. In the morning, grind cumin and dry ginger and put it on the gram and eat it. After an hour, drink the water soaked in gram. This will remove constipation. Faras – Mix four tablespoons of gram flour in a big glass of water and rub it on the hair, then

Wash the head after half an hour. This will remove dandruff or dandruff. besan natural shampoo

Is. Washing the head with gram flour makes the hair black and thick. Itching of head, pimples disappear

Huh. Apply this every third day.

Headache- Half spoon of ghee on 100 grams of Nukti, grains or Motichoor laddus and Adding 10 ground black pepper and eating it ends headache due to weakness. Diseases of the respiratory tract At bedtime after eating a handful of roasted or roasted gram and drinking a glass of warm milk from above, the phlegm accumulated in the respiratory tract comes out. Ascites- After soaking 25 grams of gram in 250 grams of water, drink it after remaining half the water.

It is beneficial in dropsy. Drink this continuously for 3 weeks. Jaundice- Soak a handful of gram lentils in two glasses of water. Then take out the pulse and mix equal quantity of jaggery and prepare it in the same way and eat it for three days. When thirsty, drink the same water of lentils. Loss of appetite – Boil one cup of black gram with three glasses of water. then filter

By drinking this water, those who feel more hungry, their appetite decreases. Stomach ache- If the child has pain in the stomach, then kneading gram flour in water and heating it, if there is ascites on the stomach, eating gram lentils dries up the water of ascites.

Burning, dysentery- Soak two handfuls of gram peel in two glasses of water in an earthen pot at night. Filter this water and drink it in the morning. If blood comes in diarrhea due to burning and heat, it is cured.

Bloody piles – It is beneficial to eat hot cooked gram. Cold-smelling warm-hot gram in a handkerchief cures cold.

Obesity – Soak gram dal overnight. Mix honey in it and eat it daily

Obesity will decrease. Dhatu Confirmation – Mix sugar in soaked gram dal and eat it at night while sleeping. Do not drink water after eating from it. This strengthens the metal. Thinning of semen- After eating a handful of roasted or soaked gram and 5 almonds, drinking milk from above makes the semen thick.

Semen Pushkar – Eat gram flour pudding regularly in the evening. Soak a handful of black gram in a glass of water at night. Drink water mixed with honey in the morning. Eat soaked buns after sprouting. By this semen-confirmation, weakness will be removed. High blood pressure and low blood pressure, cholesterol, heart-enhancer – Soak 50 grams of black gram, 10 raisins or dry grapes and two almonds at night. Chew them on an empty stomach in the morning and eat them and drink this water. abnormal blood pressure normalizes

And the cholesterol will also become normal and the heart will become strong. Keep eating this for a long time. A diabetic person should take only four raisins. Wherever there is pain in the back, hands, feet, put gram flour on the painful area and massage it regularly. Once massaged, gram flour can be used for massage again. Massaging in this way cures the pain.

Beauty enhancer by the help of Chana –

(1) Washing the face with gram flour eliminates blemishes, the face turns out beautiful. To protect the skin from sunburn, strong sun, heat, heat, mix vesan with milk or curd and make a thick paste. Leave it on the skin and face for half an hour in the morning and evening, the look will shine.

(2) Grind the soaked gram and add turmeric and few drops of any oil and apply it after making a paste. would be very beneficial.

(3) Knead eight spoons of gram flour, five spoons of curd, five spoons of milk, three spoons of turmeric by mixing them all. If the dough remains too hard, add a little more milk. Apply it on face, hands, throat. If you want to make the whole body beautiful, then rub it all over the body. Then take a bath. The skin gets nourishing elements from this mixture. The proteins contained in milk and curd get easily absorbed by the skin. The antibiotic content of turmeric protects the skin from external infections. It does not cause any skin problem By using this ubtan, not only does the body become beautiful, but the age seems less than the reality in appearance, like a person of sixty years looks like a person of forty-five years. Ringworm, itching –

Taking gram flour bread without salt for 64 days ends herpes, itching, blood disorders. Ghee can be taken with it. Mix and apply.

Clean the gram flour by rubbing gram flour in water after it dries on skin diseases-scabies, itching, boils, pimple etc.

Chana help for Blackening of the skin –

(1) Make a paste by mixing 12 spoons of gram flour, 3 spoons of curd or milk, a little water and rub it on the face first and then all over the body. Take a bath after ten minutes. Do not apply soap. By doing this type of rubbing, the blackness of the skin will go away.

(2) Soak half a cup of gram dal in warm milk at night. In the morning, mix one spoon turmeric powder, one spoon milk cream and ten drops of rose water and rub it on the body like a rubbish. Dark skin will glow.


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