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How to increase the Vitamin C in our body


Lime (LEMON)


Latin name – Citrus medica

Lemon can be consumed in all seasons. It is very use full to increasing the Vitamin C in human body . It adjusts its properties according to the changing seasons and protects it from weather related defects. The main function of lemon is to destroy the toxins of the body and remove them dur to presence of Vitamin C. It improves the taste of the mouth and creates interest in food. Purifies the blood and gives new aura to the skin. By keeping lemon in salt, it remains fresh for many days. The effect of lemon is alkaline. Do not put lemon in vegetables while cooking, add them while cooking vegetables.

Even though lemon contains citric  acid , it does not have any side effects in the stomach. Lemon produces alkali in the stomach which is essential for good health. The phosphorus found in lemon helps in the growth of new fibers in the body. The potassium salt itself protects those fibers from being alkaline and prevents the increase of acidity in the blood .

Drink lemon shikanji in large quantities to increase the Vitamin C in our body-

The disorder passes out through urine. Due to the accumulation of foreign matter and poison in the body, a person becomes ill. Squeezing a lemon in a glass of water in the morning, adding a spoonful of ginger juice and drinking it regularly keeps the body pure and healthy.

Benefits of drinking lemon water-

Tonic – (1) Squeezing a lemon in a glass of boiling water and drinking it, new energy starts to be experienced in every part of the body. The eye light gets brighter. Mental weakness, headache, tremors in the buttocks stop. Too much work does not make you tired. It should be drunk in small sips without adding sugar and salt. If desired, you can add two teaspoons of honey.

Excess consumption of sugar and salt is injurious to health. In incurable diseases, food is not given after fasting for a long time, but after drinking lemon juice mixed with water repeatedly, the contaminants are removed from the patient’s body and diseases are cured. Its regular consumption gives stamina.
: Vitamin – Vitamin ‘A’ from lemon cures eye disorders,

Vitamin ‘B’ improves digestion and Vitamin ‘C’ cures blood disorders.

does. Squeezing lemon in water and drinking it on an empty stomach in the morning is more beneficial.

Advantages of Lemon juice in our body-

Vitamin ‘C’ – Lemon juice is a storehouse of vitamin ‘C’ to avoid various diseases, get health and strength. Due to deficiency of vitamin ‘C’ in the body, diseases like scurvy, anemia, bone joint pain, bleeding, dental diseases, pyorrhea, whooping cough, asthma etc. Consumption of lemon benefits in them and the defects caused by the consumption of sulfa drugs are also removed.

Vitamin ‘C’ is found in abundance in all the fruits of the orange family, such as lemon, grapefruit, seasonal, malta and orange. Apart from this, amla is also another source of vitamin ‘C’. But vitamin ‘C’ of amla combines with many other compounds to form a strong chemical, due to which the body gets the benefit of vitamin ‘C’ of amla only after its long-term consumption.

Other Benefits Of Lemon Juice-

In contrast, Vitamin C, found in all fruits of the orange family, is easily assimilated in the body and provides immediate benefits. The special importance of lemon is due to the vitamin ‘C’ found in it i.e. ascorbic acid. Lemon is an essential life element for the healthy development of the body. This vitamin, along with many other vitamins, plays a very important role in keeping the body healthy. Along with this, Lemon is also very essential in keeping the skin healthy and in providing immunity to the body in adverse conditions.

This vitamin is not stored in the body, so for its fulfillment, the body must get some amount of vitamin ‘C’ daily, otherwise various types of metabolic diseases arise in the body and immunity starts decreasing. . The main property of Vitamin ‘C’ is to develop immunity in the body. lemon

Due to the abundant amount of vitamin ‘C’ found in the juice of lemon, lemon is given a lot of importance as a natural energizing fruit.

Sufficient quantity is available.


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