5 Reasons You should learn SEO

You must have heard everyone saying, Learn SEO, buy this course to become an SEO expert. But, did you ever heard of the reasons why you should learn SEO?


If not, don’t worry. Today I am going to tell you the five reasons why you should learn SEO.


So, let us dive into SEO and make sure you share the article ahead with your friends.


What is SEO?


SEO is Search Engine Optimization. In easy language, it is the art of making your page, post, and website rank in google search engine using organic views.


The definition was pretty easy, right? And so is SEO. It is not some rocket science.


Before we jump on to our reasons, let us understand some terminologies first.


  • Search Engine – The search engine is the method by which we search for something on the internet. Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo are some popular ones. They are the key elements that make us search for something on the internet. With every search, search engines list all the possible results related to the search made.


  • Rank – The term rank is used to tell the position of a website or post in the google search engine. For Example, if we search for Movies, then there are lots of results. But, we are most likely to click on the first one, which has the number 1 Rank.


  • Organic Views – Organic views is another term that you are going to hear a lot in SEO. It means that without any sharing or referring to the page, a user comes to read the content of the website. It can be better explained, like; You are not trying to share the page but, google has ranked your page good, by which users are coming to read the content you have written.


5 Reasons you should learn SEO –


  • To make your brand visible – Using SEO techniques, you can make your brand stand in this online crowd. Once you get some ranking using SEO techniques, then it is easy to climb up to Number 1.


  • To save money and Make Money – SEO saves money as when you do SEO, you depend on the organic results, which means that people who require the content you have written are visiting. And SEO also helps in making money as you are doing SEO and depending on organic views, then you can place ads on the website and earn from them.

Google Adsense is one of the most popular ad networks by which you can make good revenue.


  • To own your online profile – Not only you can make your business stand out in the online crowd, But you can also stand out in the crowd. Owning your online profile means that when your name gets searched, your profile appears in the search.


  • To increase the traffic – When you place ads in your blog or if you own a marketplace then, one of the most required things to earn some revenue is visitors. By using high-volume keywords and different SEO techniques of social sharing, you can increase the traffic on your post or marketplace.


  • To stay ahead of your competition – SEO not only allows you to stand out from the crowd but also gives you the advancement of being ahead of your competition. By using SEO tools, you can find things like – What are the keywords that your competitor is ranking on, how many monthly visitors is your rival getting, and from where are they getting their backlinks.

By knowing insights of your competition, you can make strategies to be ahead and in limelight all the time.


What does people do wrong in SEO?


There are many things that people wither skip or forget to do. Or sometimes they overdo it. So, the main question here is that will it affect the Ranking in any way? Will it be a problematic situation for our blog/article to compete with other blogs in same category?


The answer to this is Yes, We know that little things matter. And as your mother have also sometimes said this to you, that putting details in minor things will certainly help you. And here are 3 top things where it comes true.


1. You may skip Alt Tags: We know that adding Alt-tags seems to be too much work for us. But is it really that hard? Writing 2 words in Alt-tags of images will not cost us anything. But can help us rank the blog in image section. Where our images will be shown at top & can gain some organic traffic from there.


2. Place Interlinks: Placing interlinks is one of the main thing you should follow. Although your blog may have a recommendation section but try adding relevant interlinks in between your content. As, users sometimes doesn’t have proper knowledge of what you are talking about.


3. Must add Conclusion/Summary: Many a times, users focus is to know what the whole article is telling and that can be done in summary. Similarly, sometimes users need the conclusion, which helps them understand easily what the article was all about. And this can result in user retention rate.




So, i hope that you have found the reasons on why you should learn SEO as well as what to do while doing SEO to help your blog rank better.