10 Jobs That are in High Demand in 2022

With the world pacing itself again, businesses are raring to go full throttle, giving numerous job opportunities. So, whether one is looking for a phase shift in their career or starting afresh, it is crucial to be aware of new developments and requirements in the job market. This can help save time and effort. Here is a list of ten jobs that are in demand and one should consider looking into.

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Nurse practitioner
Healthcare has seen an exponential rise in these recent years. According to statistics, there has been an increase in the hiring process by more than 50%. Today, nurse practitioners are one of the most sought-after roles, with a starting salary of $111,680 yearly. Apart from this, nurse anesthetists and midwives, collectively known as advanced practice registered nurses or APRNs, are also in demand and have around the same salary bracket.

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Software analyst
A software developer or quality assurance analyst finds bugs in apps and software and fixes them. They also help determine security requirements and work closely with programmers to develop the software. With more than 400,000 jobs being added, this field promises a fast-growing career. Moreover, a software developer or quality assurance analyst doesn’t necessarily need to be on-field, as work from home is available. A software analyst earns up to $110,000 per year.


Personal care aide
If you are passionate about helping people out, then this job can be your cup of tea. A personal care aide is someone who helps those who are old or physically unfit to care for themselves. With over 1 million new hires, home health and personal care aide is a purposeful job. It would require one to travel to group homes or an individual’s home to provide daily care to senior citizens or elders. The job has a starting salary of around $30k.


Market research analyst
With the ever-changing paradigm of the consumer market, market analysts are the need of the hour. To put it simply, a market research analyst is someone who successfully researches and predicts if a product will do well. So, if you love researching and sampling data, then this job is for you. A market research analyst observes market conditions and works with companies to determine how the product or service will sell in the market. With over 150,000 new jobs being added, market analysts earn more than $60,000 annually.


Fitness instructors
You read that right! With an increase in “work from home” jobs and the binge-watch culture, an army of people wants to get back in shape and become more active. This has led to an almost 40% rise in hiring exercise trainers and fitness instructors. So, if you are a fitness buff and have maintained your routine even when gyms and activity centers in your areas were closed in 2020, it’s time to make it pay off. A certified fitness trainer can earn more than $55,000 a year to help someone achieve their fitness goals.


Information security analyst
In this ever-evolving digital age, organizations and businesses deem data as one of the most important assets. Consequently, this has called for a rise in demand for security. An information security analyst is someone who designs and implements IT security solutions to ensure data and network security. They are also required to monitor computer networks, network vulnerabilities, and anticipate security risks. The starting annual take-home salary of an information security analyst starts from $110,000.


Financial managers
Businesses realize the importance of financial management, as it maximizes profit, especially when the economy takes a hit due to recession or a pandemic. So, with an expected growth of 15%, financial management jobs seem to be in demand this year. A financial manager is responsible for maximizing profit, streamlining the company’s expenditure, and cutting the unnecessary expenses that may be decreasing the revenue. While the starting salary of a financial manager can be close to $100,000 a year, experienced financial managers and consultants enjoy a hefty pay of nearly $120,000.


Occupational therapy assistant
If you enjoy working on your feet to improve people’s lives, then this job is for you. With around 36% projected increase in hiring, occupational therapists are in demand at both pediatric hospitals and schools. Occupational therapists help people develop daily skills, such as getting dressed or learning. Apart from taking care of premature babies at pediatric hospitals, they may also be required at schools to work with children who have learning or behavioral disorders. Experienced occupational therapists also work in nursing homes to help patients with Alzheimer’s disease. The average salary of an occupational therapist with an accredited master’s degree in the field can earn more than $60,000 a year.


Web developer
With businesses wanting to grow their presence online more than ever, it is only consequential that this year will continue to see a rise in the demand for web developers. The job requires developing web-based applications that align with business requirements. Web developers not only code and script applications, but they also build and optimize web pages. As a web developer, you would be required to be hands-on with tools like WordPress, AWS, MYSQL, JavaScript, Ruby, CSS, and other programming languages and frameworks required to set up a website. While freshers earn close to $90,000 a year, experienced web developers typically take home close to $130,000 annually.


Logistic analysts
Lately, we have witnessed an increase in panic buying. Hence, it is not surprising to find growth in the demand for supply chain management jobs, like logistic analysts or distribution managers. So if you are good with numbers and statistical analysis, then an opening in this field awaits you. The average salary of a logistic analyst is approximately $60,000. Meanwhile, experienced individuals can earn more than $110,000.