why is insurance known as the tertiary industry?


Insurance is known as the tertiary industry because it provides services to other industries. For example, if a company wants to protect its products from damage, it will purchase insurance from an insurance company. Insurance companies also provide services to individuals, such as health insurance.

What is a tertiary industry?

The tertiary industry is the sector of the economy that provides services to consumers and businesses. This includes a wide range of businesses, such as banks, retailers, restaurants, and transportation companies. The tertiary sector is the largest sector of the economy in developed countries, and it is growing rapidly in developing countries as well.


The tertiary sector is sometimes also referred to as the service sector. This is because most of the businesses in this sector provide services rather than goods. For example, a bank provides financial services, and a retailer provides shopping services. There are also many businesses in the tertiary sector that provide both goods and services. For example, a restaurant provides food and beverage service, and a transportation company provides both goods and passenger service.


The tertiary sector plays an important role in the economy by providing essential services to consumers and businesses. Without these services, the economy would not be able to function effectively. For example, banks provide essential financial services to businesses and consumers, and retailers provide essential shopping services to consumers.


There are many different types of businesses in the tertiary sector. Some of the most common types of businesses include banks, retail stores, restaurants, transportation companies, hotels, and healthcare providers.

What are the characteristics of the tertiary industry?

The tertiary sector is the third tier of the economic activity of a country. The first and second tiers are the primary and secondary sectors, respectively. The tertiary sector comprises the activities of providing services to consumers and businesses. It includes trade, retailing, tourism, banking, insurance, and real estate.


The main characteristic of the tertiary industry is that it provides services rather than goods. The service sector is often divided into four sub-sectors:

# Transportation and Warehousing

# Information and Communications

# Financial Services

# Professional and Business Services

Why is insurance known as the tertiary industry?

The insurance industry is known as the tertiary sector because it provides a service that is essential to the functioning of the economy, but which does not produce any tangible goods. The industry employs millions of people around the world and generates billions of dollars in revenue each year.


The insurance sector is critical to the economy because it protects businesses and individuals from financial losses due to accidents, natural disasters, and other unforeseen events. Without insurance, businesses would be unable to operate and individuals would be unable to afford medical care or replace their belongings if they were lost or damaged.


While the primary and secondary sectors of the economy generate the majority of economic activity, the tertiary sector is essential for ensuring that businesses and individuals can recover from unexpected losses.


There are many reasons why insurance is known as the tertiary industry. For one, insurance provides a vital service to society by protecting people and businesses from financial loss. Insurance companies also play a key role in the economy by providing employment and investment opportunities. Finally, the insurance industry is an important source of tax revenue for governments.