Create your website for free – Step by Step Guide

Do you know that blogging is one of the passions that almost 60-70% of working professionals have? Yes, the percentage is quite high. But the rates of establishing a site for just passion are also quite high. So, today in this article we will together cover some of the best free tools available to create your website. Alongside, I will be sharing some tips on how can you set up your side also.


So, without any further due, let us get started and create a brand new website for ourselves.


How does a website work -


So, before we move any further let us first understand how a website works and what are some of the important sections we need to take care of.


A website is nothing but space on any other computer which runs/is available for 24*7 hours. So it is sure that if we going to place our stuff on any computer that runs 24*7, we will need some cash to burn. And this is what we call Hosting.


Now comes the second thing domain. So, as we know computer understands binary only. And it translates everything to binary. Similarly, a web understands IP Addresses only. So, what a domain does is, it maps the IP Address of the machine where the site has been hosted to a human-readable/ remember-able form. Hence an IP address like this: will be mapped to So now we have just looked at the 2 most important things to start a website but we are still missing some key things.


One such thing is how will we post our content? Other than setting up we also need a content publishing dashboard, So it becomes easy to post the content on the website last but not least we also need some plugins/themes that will help create our page more interactive and catchy to users.


Create a free website Step Step Guide –


1. Choose Platform – What I mean is we are going to choose a CMS (Content Management System) Examples of CMS are – Blogger ( ), Wix ( ), WordPress ( ), etc. So, for this tutorial, I am going to go with WordPress as it is easy to set up. You can proceed with any other CMS like Wix or Blogger by Google.


2. Choose a Hosting – As we have understood above why do we need hosting, we will choose a free hosting service. Some of the free hosting service providers are – 000webhost by Hostinger ( ), infinity free ( ), and pro free host ( ). So, for this, I am going to proceed with 000webhost.


3. Choose a Domain Name – Now, this step can be skipped because of the fact that we are already going to have a domain name at this point but it will be a subdomain. When we are using a CMS we are going to have a domain named, for blogger it would be, similarly for hosting it will be, etc. Therefore this can be skipped. But as we are creating a free website from scratch, we are going to look for some of the domain name providers like freenom ( ), and Dot TK ( ). I am going to move ahead with freenom.


4. Now as we have everything with us, now we have to integrate them. I am not going to use WordPress first, but I am going to install it as a CMS. So,

  • Login to your freenom account and go to My domains.
  • Choose the domain name and select Manage domains.
  • Add CNAME records, example: -> ->
  • Save the settings,


5. Now you need to set up hosting.

  • Login to your 000webhost account.
  • Choose the website
  • Click on set address, and Now in the web address section, click on change web address and change the web address to
  • Save the settings.


Now, we are all done with the setup, And Now for CMS Installation.


  • Go to WordPress and create your account
  • Create your website with the desired name
  • Change the website by changing the Style of the website.
  • Now, here we don’t need hosting as a domain, and hosting is provided by WordPress.


Themes for WordPress can be found at cyberchimps ( ), nicepage( ), and themeforest ( ).


So, finally, we have created our free website. Now you can also post your thoughts, experiences, or articles on the web and share them to create an audience of your own for free. And among all these, if you ever want to upgrade from a free section to a professional one, you can always do that by simply changing the plans.

Summary –

As we have now reached an end let's summarise what all we have done, We started with what is a website and how it runs, where we covered things like hosting, domain, themes, and plugins. Later in the article, we followed a step-by-step guide on creating a free website from scratch.