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Latin name – Malus sylvestris

Best Benefits of Apples –

Strengthening –

Apple is a good tonic. People of all ages eat it daily. Apple peels are rich in vitamins. So eat apple with peel. Consuming apple regularly in the morning and evening on an empty stomach keeps the body energetic. By removing irritability, mental power increases. Apples are rich in Vitamin ‘C’. Eating apple is beneficial in chronic, incurable diseases. Apple contains malic acid.

This sourness is useful for the intestines, liver and stomach. It contains phosphorous i.e. irritating substance, which when eaten cleanses the stomach and gives confirmation to the stomach. Phosphorus is the highest in apples, which is very beneficial for the tendons, nerves and brain.

Apple and its juice are rich in vitamins and minerals.

Cut small pieces of two apples and put half a kilo of boiling water on it. When the water cools down, filter it and drink it. If sweeter is required then add sugar candy. This is a nutritious and delicious apple sherbet. It quickly mixes with the blood and gives strength and energy to the heart, brain, liver and every cell of the body.

Apple juice gives strength to the heart;

Accelerates eyesight, removes toxic doshas of the body and blood, removes various diseases, makes lean people fit and strong. Those who want to remain strong, healthy and young, they should consume more and more apple juice regularly.

There is also a saying – An apple a day, keeps the Doctor away. That is, eating an apple regularly does not require a doctor. It is good to eat apple on an hungry stomach. It removes heat and dryness. Its marmalade removes weakness of heart, blood and brain.

If you eat apple on an empty stomach every morning and drink milk from above, then within a month or two, the color of the skin will improve, redness will appear on the face, all the weaknesses related to sex will be removed and energy will start running in life.

This is a very good tonic. Eating two apples daily is beneficial in mental stress, skin diseases, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, diseases of the respiratory system. Apple is more beneficial if eaten on an hungry stomach before meals. Apple is a semen booster.

Joint pain-

If the amount of acid is found in urine after urine test, then eating apple is beneficial. Eating apple is beneficial in joint pain and arthritis. Boil apple, grind it and apply it on the painful area.

If there are teeth, holes, gums swell, then eat apple regularly after eating food. With this, the teeth and gums will be fine and will not deteriorate. It is a refreshing fruit.

Scorpion bite- Grind the apple like a chutney where the scorpion has bitten, apply it and feed the apple.

Colds and colds always persist even because of a weak mind. such patients

Does not benefit from cold medicines. Food for such people to cure cold

Before eating the apple with the peel should be done. It also removes the weakness of the brain.

Bronchitis –

Cough and cold often occur in winter. Bronchitis is caused by cold, cough. Eating two apples or pears can get rid of chronic bronchitis. Apples and pears contain antioxidant compounds called catechins, which help protect lung cells from damage caused by free radicals. It is beneficial to eat apples, pears raw only.

The patient of chronic bronchitis has cough for a long time for at least three months and keeps spitting up phlegm. This fact has been expressed by the American Thoracic Society.

Apple is beneficial for the lungs. Vitamin ‘C’, ‘E’, and beta-carotene, along with citrus fruits, apples and fruit juices, are related to the well-functioning of the lungs. People who eat apples have more lung capacity than those who do not eat apples. So eat apple every day. Get rid of bronchitis and cough.

As long as the cough lasts, put black pepper and sugar candy on the apple and eat it. It will be beneficial in cough coming due to sore throat and recurring cough.

(2) Eating ripe sweet apples regularly provides relief in dry cough.


Apple juice is very beneficial in enterocolitis. Heart weakness, heart weakness, by eating heart-strengthening apple marmalade for 15-20 days

Sitting down is fine.

High blood pressure –

Eating two apples daily is beneficial if you have high blood pressure. Eating apples in high blood pressure causes more and more frequent urination. Due to this the salt of the body comes out. The kidneys get rest.

Memory enhancer-

Persons whose brain and nerves have become weak, students do not remember, they should eat apple. Consumption of apple increases the power of nerves and memory power and benefits in fainting, mania, irritability. For this, eat one or two apples without peeling and chewing them fifteen minutes before the meal.

Thirst is reduced by drinking apple juice mixed with water. Those who have air disorders, it will not be beneficial for them.

Stones –

Stones keep on forming in the kidney and bladder. Stones often form even after being removed by operation. By drinking apple juice, the formation of stones stops and the stones formed are rubbed and comes out through urine. It purifies the kidneys and urinary bladder, removes kidney pain. If you eat only apples for a few days, then the stone goes out. If you feel more hungry then eat other vegetables and fruits.

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