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Bananas benefits that you must know | banana is also used for deficiency of potassium


Latin name – Musa sapientum (Musa sapientum)

Firstly wash then eating banana. To ripen the banana, make a solution of ethane and calcium carbide chemicals in water. Soak the banana in this solution for some time and take it out and eating banana . This will ripen the bananas. These chemicals are injurious to health and they also destroy the nutritional elements of banana, so bananas should be eaten naturally or cooked with ice. Spotted bananas are cooked with chemicals. Therefore it should not be eaten. Always eat after washing, eating banana without washing it is harmful. Similarly mango, apple, pineapple, papaya,

These chemicals are also used in cooking chikoo etc. Wash it and eat it only. Do not eating banana and  any fruit or vegetable without washing it. How to keep bananas fresh? Bananas ripen quickly at room temperature. Put a tomato with bananas in a paper bag and keep it in the refrigerator for a week.

Bananas stay fresh.

Banana should be eaten less on a hungry stomach. Eating less bananas with weak digestive power.

Eating banana on a hungry stomach reduces appetite. It gives strength when eaten after a meal. meat

Muscles get stronger. One should not eat more than three bananas at a time. Eating banana at night produces gas. For tridosha-peace, eat banana and sugar. Eat cardamom in case of indigestion from banana. Banana is a complete food. By using it regularly, the body remains healthy and energetic and the skin remains radiant. This increases the immunity power.

Nutritious substances –

Banana is a semen booster, spermatozoa; Banana is a powerful food beneficial in eye diseases. Banana is not a fruit. It should be eaten instead of roti. Bananas are high in starch and sugar. It can be given to young children by mixing it with milk. Banana is anti phlegm and blood bile.

Bananas contain natural sugars sucrose, fructose, glucose and fiber. Banana provides ample amount of instant energy. Research has proved that by eating two bananas, the energy spent by 90 minutes of rigorous exercise can be replenished. Therefore, banana is known as the number one fruit among athletes around the world. It contains four times the presin, twice the carbohydrate, three times the phosphorus, five times the vitamin ‘A’ and iron element and double the amount of apple.

Contains vitamins and minerals.

Try to take 300 grams of carbohydrates daily for good health. One banana provides 27 grams of carbohydrates.

It is best to eat ripe fresh bananas. If banana is not available, there are difficulties in feeding, feeding the children, then banana powder is available under the name of Banalona from the allopathic (English) drug dealer. Banana can be taken advantage of by using this powder.

Elements found in Banana –

Iodine, sugar and protein are found in ripe bananas. Raw banana is high in calcium. Raw banana is eaten as a vegetable. By eating bananas regularly, all the vitamins are fulfilled. Therefore, after eating two ripe bananas in the morning, drink warm milk. A person who eats banana regularly remains healthy. Eating peeled banana is more beneficial, but eat it after washing it thoroughly. Banana Elements

Strengthening –

In a glass of warm milk, mix one spoon of ghee, ground cardamom and honey as per taste. Eat a piece of banana and drink this milk along with a sip. In this way, by eating two or two bananas three times a day for a long time, the body will be beautiful and fat. Strength, semen, sperm, sex power and brain power will increase. Leucorrhoea of ​​women will be cured. Eating banana and powdered sugar candy in curd also increases obesity.

Fatness –

Banana is beneficial in dream and gonorrhea. It makes the body fat. Do not eat anything for two hours after eating a banana. After eating two bananas in the morning, taking one loaf of warm milk regularly for three months, you will become fat. Consuming milk and banana together increases power. Eat a piece of banana, then drink milk or make a shake of banana and milk and drink it. Do not consume it if there is afra (gas) in the stomach. Bananas should be eaten after exercise and sports for strength growth. Carbohydrates in Bananas

Happens a lot. It is easily digested and given to young children easily.

can go. Hence it is the best food for young children. mash it or milk

It is more beneficial than feeding by whipping. It increases the strength of the body by increasing the blood. If milk is consumed after eating banana daily, then its good effect on health can be seen in a few days. The amount of potassium found in bananas reduces stress and seizures, so

Banana is like a medicine for middle-aged people. Pack of beautiful skin – Banana is a fruit in itself which is closed and germ-free. It is rich in nutrients. It contains proteins, vitamins ‘C’ and ‘B’. It can be used for both hair and face, in the skin.




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