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Latin name – Vitis vinifera

Advantages of  Eating Grapes that you must know  –

The sweetness of fruits is fructose. Fructose is a fruit sugar. It is found more in grapes. Fresh grapes are raw green, black. When dried, they are called raisins, raisins. If grapes are not available, use raisins, dry grapes, for eating  . It will be of equal benefit. All the elements of milk are found in raisins. Therefore, where milk cannot be consumed, you can take the benefit of milk by consuming raisins. Grapes, raisins and dry grapes contain all the elements that the body needs to keep it healthy. After the disease is over, by eating grapes, the lost energy comes back quickly. A man can live his life by living on grapes. By eating grapes, the immunity power increases. the mind is happy,

Hunger feels good. Generally, grapes contain 10% to 30% sugar. That is why grapes have a special place in fruits as a power giver. Grapes-sugar being in the form of glucose is easily digested and there is no pressure on the digestive system. Therefore, by eating two kilos of grapes, one can remain fresh and agile throughout the day.

Diabetic patients should not eating grapes , 50 to 100 grams even for small children

Grapes juice can be given. Grapes contain natural citric and tartaric acids. Grapes also contain small amounts of potassium, sodium and calcium. The natural sweetness of grapes is helpful in removing acidity. Prazivik-B and important mineral elements are found in special quantities in grapes. Grapes contain tartaric acid. But that potash and tartite are in free form. It is beneficial in diseases of the intestines and kidneys.

The intestines are lying in the body like a gizzard. Unnecessary material remains in them. It turns into poison over time. This causes pain in the stomach. This poison spreads throughout the body through the mucous membrane of the intestine. Its bad effect falls on the eyes, kidneys and liver. Grapes-juice draws out this poison. Grapes alter blood circulation. Grapes blood transfusion process dynamic

it occurs. The new fresh blood generated by this replaces the old muscles and generates new ones. These new muscles work for months and keep the body flawless. This increases the vitality. Therefore it is beneficial to eat grapes regularly. By drinking or eating grape-juice, the stomach and intestines become pure, clean. new red blood

seems to be transmitted. The skin is soft and glowing. amazing glow on face Comes.

The power of the eyes increases. The power of hearing and smell increases.

There will be no other side effects from consuming grapes, because grapes are absolutely innocent. To remove diseases, grapes should be consumed patiently. The effect of grapes will not be visible in a day or two. The effect of grapes will be visible after four weeks. By the end of the sixth week, there will be a considerable change in the appearance of the patient. There will be redness on the face, the aura of the eyes will increase, in place of weak and weak voice, sweet voice will start coming out.

In the beginning, 100 grams of grapes should be eaten daily at a time. Then by increasing its quantity, two to three kilograms of grapes can be easily eaten in four-five days. Children eat as per their wish.

Eating grapes should not be stopped completely, but the quantity (quantity) of grapes should go on decreasing gradually. In this way, by eating grapes, the disease will be removed and the body will become healthy. Grapes are nutritious food for healthy humans and are powerful for the sick. In those big, fearful and complicated diseases, no substance of any kind was given to eat or drink.

Grapes or vines are given in them. In the form of food, grapes are given in cancer, tuberculosis (TB), pyuria, appendicitis, children’s rickets, rheumatism, fits, blood disorders, stomach ulcers, gout, syphilis, frequent urination, weakness etc. . Pucca Agur is a little loose but soft, beneficial to the eyes, nourishing, sweet in juice and culinary, voxel-purifier, blood purifier, semen-enhancer and • It removes the foreign substances located in the body. Grapes are beneficial when eaten alone. It should not be eaten by mixing with any other item. When the grapes are dried, they become raisins. When grapes • are not available, raisins can be used instead of grapes.


Grapes increases blood. Grapes contain sufficient amount of glucose sugar. Grapes are rich in iron. Just 10 ounces of grapefruit juice prevents anemia (anemia). By eating grapes, iron deficiency and deficiencies of vitamins and alkalis are removed. In anemia, by eating fresh grapes throughout the season, the deficiency of blood is removed and the redness on the face becomes brighter. There is no other medicine better than grapes in the case of anemia. “Cold – Frequent colds by eating at least 50 grams of grapes daily

shuts down. Gout- Grapes removes those salts from the body due to which arthritis remains in the body. Consuming grapes in the morning to clear the conditions of rheumatism needed. Cancer, heart disease – Both anti-oxidants and pro-oxidants are found in the body. If there are more pro-oxidants, then the chances of getting heart disease, cancer and other fatal diseases increase early. The high number of anti-oxidants is not harmful. Anti-oxidants are very high in red and black grapes. Therefore, eating dark black grapes reduces cancer and heart diseases.

For Cancer Patient – 

: In cancer, the patient should be fasted for the first three days. Then start consuming grapes. Apply enemas occasionally. Do not feed more than two kg of grapes in a day. After a few days buttermilk can be given to drink. Do not give anything else to eat. The benefit from this comes gradually, over a few months. Its poultice can be applied on wounds. In the treatment of this disease, sometimes taking grapefruit juice causes abdominal pain, burning in the anus. Don’t be afraid of it. The pain gets better in a few days. You can compress in case of pain. The Grape Cure: Johanna Brandit,

Follow cancer patients-

1. Do not give cooked food on the stove to the patient for 6 months.

2. Keep only grapes in the diet of cancer patient for the first two months.

3. After this, other fruits can be consumed along with grapes. Do this for a month.

4. In the next one month, eat uncooked (raw) food with grapes and fruits can go. Tomato, orange, seasonal, cashew, almond can be taken in fruits.

5. After this some paquahar can be given for a month. 6. Angoor should take complete rest during the entire period of the kalpa. Chickenpox – Washing grapes with warm water and eating it is beneficial in smallpox.

Eating grapes is very beneficial for epileptic patients. Half-headache – Drinking a cup of grapefruit juice every morning before sunrise cures half-headache (pain of half-chest, pain that increases with the sun)

Fever – Grapes are beneficial in all types of fevers. It is also beneficial in typhoid, viral fever.

Cough-phlegm – eating grapes gives strength to the lungs. cough was gone

Is. The phlegm comes out. Do not drink water after eating grapes.

If dry cough has stifled the nose, then gooseberry, small peepal, black pepper and

Take equal quantity of dry grapes with honey in the morning and evening. dry it

Cough goes away.

Eating grapes is very beneficial in asthma.

Even if there is blood in spitting, eating grapes is beneficial.

If the patient suffers from heart pain and palpitations, if he keeps eating grapes, then heart diseases are cured soon. Grapes are beneficial for the heart. Sodium and potassium are essential elements for heart rate which are found in abundance in grapes. When there is pain in the heart and the heartbeat is high, drinking grape juice stops the pain and the heartbeat becomes normal. Within a short time, the patient gets relief and the emergency of the disease goes away.

The blood circulation and heart rate are balanced by the consumption of grapes. Grapes are anti-oxidants. It is beneficial to consume it before and after a heart attack. To remove physical weakness and good health, it is good to eat 100 grams of grapes or 20 grams of raisins with milk daily.

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