Best Advantages Of Eating Guava | guava have very useful vitamins


Latin name – Psidium guavava

Advantage of Eating Guava –

Guava is heavy and cold. Do not eat guava at night. Vitamin ‘C’ is found in guava more than in apple and orange. Vitamin B-1 and nicotine are also found in it. Guava contains minerals like calcium, iron, phosphorus and minerals. It provides fibre, which is essential for our body. Guava is also useful in digesting food.

Eating raw guava causes stomach pain. Dysentery from eating sweet guava and , ripe guava

benefits in. Some people also call guava as jamphal.

Nature – neither cold nor hot. Intoxication: By eating guava, the intoxication of opium, ganja, charas is removed. To get rid of the habit of eating cigarette, pan masala, three leaves of guava,

Chew the juice thrice daily and spit out the leaves.

Healthy children – Guava is a nutritious food. Eat guava regularly during pregnancy. The child will be born strong. Bones are weak – By eating guava regularly, the bones become strong and

Stay strong.

Hernia – 5 leaves of eucalyptus, 5 leaves of jamun, 5 leaves of guava and 5 leaves of mango – wash them and boil them in one kg of water. After boiling 250 grams, filter it and cool it. Drink once daily. Try it for two weeks. There will be benefit in hernia. • Anus comes out during defecation. Grinding guava leaves and binding its pulp on the anus stops coming out of the anus. Mania———(1) Allahabadi sweet guava pav in the morning and so on again.

Eat at five o’clock in the evening daily for six weeks. If you want, you can also put lemon, black pepper, salt on the guava for taste. This will give strength to the muscles of the brain, heat will be released, mania will go away. Eating guava also removes mental worries. (2) Put two guavas in a pot filled with water at night and eat them on an empty stomach in the morning. It cures mania, heat of the brain.

By eating guava, the nerves of the brain get a lot of power. It calms the mind. By eating guava regularly, the balance of the brain remains fine.

If there is ringworm, itching, boils, pimples, blood disorders, itching, then eat one loaf of guava in the afternoon daily for four weeks. This will clear the stomach, remove the increased heat, purify the blood and cure boils, pimple, itching. Chronic diarrhea (1) Cut 20 soft leaves of guava in a glass of water

After boiling, filtering and drinking it, chronic diarrhea is cured. (2) Eyes come in the swarms,

If there is swelling in the intestines, if there is a wound, then eat 250 grams of guava continuously for 2-3 months.

Diarrhea gets cured by staying. Guava contains tannic acid, whose main function is

Healing is-yav, it heals the wounds of the intestines and the intestines become healthy.


By eating two ripe guava and sugar candy thrice daily, loose motion stops. Grind soft leaves of guava and mix it with water, it provides relief in stomachache. Guava is the best medicine for indigestion, indigestion and malaise. To those with diseases 250 grams of guava should be eaten after meals. eating before other people eat


If there is a cough with phlegm, then roasting a guava in fire is beneficial.

Dry cough- Chewing ripe guava in it is beneficial. Cough- Boil ten fresh, tender, green leaves of guava like tea in a glass of water, filter it, add milk, sugar and drink it daily in the morning and evening. cough

• Will be fine. Cooker’s cough- Baking a guava in ground (hot sand or ash) and eating it, it is beneficial in cough.

If there is a very chronic cold and flu, then eating only guava for three days is cured. In case of cold and flu, eat a guava without seeds and drink a glass of water. Do this three times a day. Do not inhale or exhale through your nose while drinking water. Close your nose and drink water and exhale through your mouth. This will cause a runny nose. Stop eating guava as soon as the nose starts running. In a day or two, if the cold breaks down a lot, then after sleeping at night, eat fifty grams of jaggery without drinking water, just rinse it and go to sleep. Cold – it will be fine.


Fry a guava, cut it and add salt and eat it, it cures cold. Teardrops: After eating two guavas roasted in the fire, the water stops flowing from the eyes.


Grind the green leaves of guava and apply it on the joints where there is swelling of the arthritis bye. Boil the leaves in water and give them water. Wash. The intoxication of fracture is removed by eating guava or by drinking the juice of its leaves.


Chewing guava leaves ends toothache. In case of gum pain, swelling, toothache, boil guava leaves and gargle. If there is diarrhoea, constipation, eat 250 grams of guava regularly. This makes the stool thinner and softer

Comes, does not become hard by drying. Swelling of the intestines, abdominal pain, dysentery – Cut seven leaves of guava into small pieces and boil it by squeezing half a lemon in two cups of water. After boiling half the water, filter it and mix sugar according to taste and drink it in the morning and evening. would benefit.

Constipation –

(1) By eating guava, there is a flow in the intestines and constipation is removed. It should be eaten before meals, as eating it after meals causes constipation. People who are constipated should take guava in breakfast. Patients with chronic constipation should eat guava in the morning and evening. This will clear up the diarrhea. Indigestion and gas will go away. There will be hunger. Digestion power increases by eating rock salt on guava.

(2) By eating guava in sufficient quantity, the stool does not become dry and hard and due to easy defecation, constipation does not remain. After cutting guava, dry ginger, black pepper and dent on it.


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