Some advantages of Eating Jaggery –


Benefits of Eating Jaggery –

In 100 grams of jaggery, about 0.4 grams of protein, 0.1 grams of fat, 80 mg. calcium, 40

mg Phosphorus, 11.4 mg Iron, 0.6-1.0 g. NS. Mineral, 168 mg Carotene, 0.02 mg Thiamine, 0.05 mg Riboflavin, 0.5 mg Vitamin ‘C’ and 383 kcal are energy. The rest is sucrose, reducing sugar and moisture. That is to say, jaggery is a mine of virtues. Eating jaggery in winter is very beneficial. Mostly jaggery made from sugarcane juice is eaten. Eating Jaggery is more beneficial in medicinal use. old

Method of making old jaggery –

\Keep the jaggery in sunlight for twelve hours. This jaggery is as beneficial as the old jaggery. Wherever articles of use of old jaggery are found, use jaggery kept in the sun.

Healthy – Eating jaggery makes a person more healthy than sugar. 22-year-old Chaturabai Tovre from Maharashtra has not eaten since birth, but she is healthy. Drink tea without milk several times a day and mix jaggery instead of sugar.

Dysuria – 250 grams of raw ground cumin and 125 grams of jaggery both

Make tablets by mixing them. Diuresis is cured by taking two tablets of it thrice a day.


A person with blood disorders should be given jaggery tea, milk, lassi in place of sugar.

Useful in drinks.

Flatulence –

After eating 25 grams of jaggery regularly, abdominal-air, abdominal-disorders are cured, youth remains in the body. Amlapitta – Suck a little jaggery on a hungry stomach in the morning. There will be benefit in acidity.

Progeny –

(1) Those whose daughters are born again and again, if they want to produce sons, then after grinding the moon-shaped part of a peacock feather, mix it with a little jaggery and make a tablet. Similarly make three tablets of three wings.

At the end of the second month of pregnancy, when the right voice of the woman is playing, that is, breathing is coming from the right nostril, feed one tablet every morning for three days with the milk of a live calf. Stay only on cow’s milk that day. Don’t eat food You can eat rice in the evening. Surely a son will be born and he will be as fair as the moon. It’s tested thousands of times. – Swami Jagdishwaranand :

‘Household Medicines’ in the book ‘Swasthya Bodhamrit’ compiler Dharmadiwakar Shri 108 Shultak Siddhasagarji Maharaj, Shri Jain Acharya Dharmasagarvarti Ashram, Sikar (Raj.) has written – “Take a canopy of peacock feathers and cut off all the hair around it. Give, keep only Chandova, then grind it finely and mix it with old jaggery to make a tablet. In this way, make three tablets of Chandova. If you want, apply silver work on top; Then within two and a half months to two and a half months of pregnancy, make a tablet on Sunday. Or on Tuesday, take one tablet with the milk of a black calf (male) with milk daily for three days. Drink only milk and eat nothing on that day. This will give birth to a son.”

(2) Women who have only daughters, there is no boy, till the time there is no pregnancy, they should sleep on their right side and react. (3) Grind a leaf of Palas (Dhak) in milk and give it to a woman whose girl child is born. Like this

After doing this, the chances of having a son are high. Read the author’s book ‘Gynecology Medicine‘ to know in detail.

If the pain in half of the head increases for an hour with the sun, then take 12 grams jaggery with 6 grams ghee in the morning before sunrise and at night while sleeping.

Ur Ksha-

The laborers who do physical labor, by eating jaggery, heal the wear and tear of their body, eliminate fatigue. If the flesh inside the chest has burst due to excessive exercise, playing hockey etc., which is called ur-kshata, then it gets cured by eating jaggery thrice a day.

Powerful husband and wife after contact with each other, both of them have a small

Drink some water after eating nuggets of jaggery. This does not cause fatigue, weakness in the body, gives energy


Jaggery has immense benefits in sexual impairment. 250 grams jaggery and 250 grams basil

Make 2-2 grams tablets by grinding the bean. One tablet of milk daily in the morning and evening

Take with it for two and a half months. Ability will increase.

Taking 20 grams old jaggery and one spoon of Indian gooseberry powder regularly ends the deficiency of semen. By consuming it, the weakness of semen is removed and the semen becomes strong and thick. Eating ghee and jaggery together makes the body strong. Eating jaggery mixed with pure ghee increases its quality. It does not cause bleeding and bleeding. Those who work hard should eat 50 grams of jaggery mixed with 10 grams of ghee daily.

Giving jaggery and carom seeds to women during pregnancy gives relief from back pain. Uterus is purified, blood comes clean, appetite also increases and strength also increases. Jaggery laddus are also beneficial for women during pregnancy. in the jug

Make jaggery laddus by adding chironji, almonds, dry dates, dates and ghee. one day

Eat. healing through food.

Other benefits of eating Jaggery –

Eating jaggery is beneficial in the weakness of heart, physical dysfunction. Sandhivat (joint pain)- Mix twice the quantity of jaggery in the powder of amla and make tablets of the size of a large plum and drink water after eating it daily in the morning and afternoon. This removes the rheumatism. Jaggery should be consumed more in arthritis. This relieves pain. Asthma – 15 grams of jaggery and 15 grams of mustard oil mixed thoroughly in the mortar, daily

Licking once in the morning for at least 1-2 months permanently cures asthma.

Dry cough –

Mixing 15 grams of jaggery and 15 grams of mustard oil, benefits from licking

it happens. winter winter By eating jaggery and black sesame laddoos, diseases like cold, cough, asthma, bronchitis etc. are cured. Even if these diseases are not present, these diseases are not caused by eating sesame-jaggery laddus.

Cold: Mix asafetida equal to moong, 5 ground black pepper in jaggery and eat it in the morning, it is beneficial in cold.

In case of cough and cold, mix one spoon ground dry ginger, one spoon black pepper in 100 grams jaggery and eat it in four parts four times a day, it will be beneficial. Clear urine – By drinking jaggery mixed with hot milk, urine becomes clear and open.

Comes. The blockage is removed. Drink this twice daily. Hiccups – hiccup by grinding old dry jaggery and adding ground dry ginger to it

Stops walking. Mixing equal quantity of piles jaggery and myrobalan powder, taking 10-10 grams after meals twice daily is beneficial.

Feed jaggery to the patient before taking deworming medicine. Due to this, the worms sticking in the intestines will come out and eat jaggery. Then by taking anthelmintic medicine, it will come out easily.

If a glass, a thorn, a stone is pricked in the body, if it does not come out, then

(1) Jaggery and carom seeds are heated and come out of binding.

(2) Prick the place with a thorn by grinding jaggery and onion.

Tie the bandage by coating. The thorn will come out automatically. Beauty: Consumption of jaggery in winter is very beneficial. With its regular consumption, the skin glows and the beauty shines.

Jaundice – A few radish leaves and jaggery in the morning without rinsing (stale mouth)

Eating it regularly gives quick relief in jaundice. Hives – Grind 5 grams cumin (uncooked raw) and mix it with 10 grams jaggery and eat it in the morning and evening, it is beneficial.

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