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Best Advantage of Peanut | why peanut is used as a protein

Peanuts (GROUND NUT) Latin name – Arachis hypogaea

Advantages Of Peanuts –

The dharma of peanut oil is similar to that of olive oil. Olive oil is very expensive to get. Therefore, peanut oil can be used in its place. A handful of roasted peanuts is definitely beneficial in terms of nutrients. Peanuts are rich in protein, calories and K, E, B vitamins. It provides good nutrition. Protein, fat and sugar are found in peanuts. One kilogram of roasted peanuts contains the energy equivalent of two gallons of milk and three dozen chicken eggs. The amount of protein and heat in peanuts equal to the value of an egg is not as much as milk and egg combined. Its protein is similar to milk, its smoothness is similar to ghee. Milk, almonds and ghee are fulfilled by eating peanuts. Peanuts generate heat in the body, so it is more beneficial in the winter season.

This water is useful in cough. Strengthens the fat and lungs. Eating peanuts regularly in small amounts increases obesity. It should be eaten daily by adding it with food, such as vegetables, kheer, khichdi etc. • Due to the oil content in peanuts, it destroys air diseases. It enhances the digestion power and is tasty but also harmful for hot natured people. Eating more peanuts also increases bile. Tuberculosis (TB)

The chemical arginine is found in abundance in peanuts, which can be successful in curing tuberculosis. It can be helpful in increasing the level of nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide strengthens the body’s immune system.

Nutrients on Peanuts –

Peanuts also contain other nutrients, such as fat, that can have a positive effect on patients. The patients were given capsules containing arginine along with other medications for four weeks. Patients who were given arginine supplements showed greater benefit of treatment. Rapid improvement in symptoms such as severe cough was observed. The sputum test also showed a decrease in the level of TB bacteria. Experts believe that with the help of arginine therapy, the healing time of TV can be reduced. Experts have said that where arginine is not easily or cheaply available in the form of medicine, its work can be taken from peanuts. TB Of

Patients should eat peanuts regularly. (Rajasthan Patrika, March 5, 2003) Eating sixty grams of peanuts daily during pregnancy is beneficial in the progress of the fetus. Make a powder by grinding roasted peanuts. During pregnancy, adding three spoons of powder to a glass of warm milk and drinking it once daily will lead to the birth of a healthy baby. Eat roasted peanuts and drink two sips of milk. This method will also have similar benefits.

Milk growth –

By eating raw peanuts regularly, the milk of lactating mothers increases. Regularly eating freshly roasted peanuts also increases the milk of mothers. Skin softness- Massaging peanut oil during winters and eating peanuts keeps the skin soft. Hands and feet do not break. Dryness, Dryness – In winters the skin becomes dry. a little peanut

Massage by mixing oil, milk and rose water. Take a bath after twenty minutes. skin by

The dryness will be cured. Before bathing the lips, take a quarter teaspoon of peanut oil in the palm, rub it in the palm with the finger and then massage this oil on the lips. It is beneficial for the lips.

Loss of fat –

Some experts say that if a little roasted peanuts are taken with tea or coffee without sugar, shortly before the meal, then the appetite is satisfied quickly and the person eats less food. In this way the body gradually starts decreasing. Heart – Peanuts are rich in Vitamin ‘B’. it for the body

It is called a storehouse of essential calories. Even after this, the specialty of using groundnut is that it does not contain a substance called cholesterol which harms the heart. It contains Mono Unsaturated Fatty Acids (MUFA) which reduce the risk of heart disease. Refined peanut oil is also printed on cans, reducing the risk of heart disease. If peanuts are eaten in small quantities, there will be no side effects, but eating more can cause harm. Heart patients should eat peanuts at least. Peanuts can be harmful to the heart. Dr. Drega Vasilianovich and colleagues from the University of Chicago, USA, have reported that the risk of the heart from peanuts, due to which fat deposits on the inner wall of the arteries, which block the blood flow. Dr. Drega expressed this opinion on the basis of trial by feeding the monkeys full of peanuts in the morning and evening. – Pragyan Bharti, Jaipur d. 1.1.1982,

Groundnut oil-

Groundnut oil is very beneficial for heart patients. It does not allow the amount of cholesterol in the blood to increase. Groundnut oil is nutritious and also beneficial for health. It is easily digested. There is such a sufficient amount of protein in it that there is no need to take any other thing for protein.

Groundnut oil also benefits in the pain of hands, feet and joints. of peanuts

Massaging the body with oil strengthens the nerves and provides relief in pain.

Ringworm, scabies, itching etc. skin by massaging with lukewarm peanut oil.

Diseases are cured.




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