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What is the benefits & advantage of eating Potato ?

Potatoes (POTATO)

Latin name – Solanum tuberosum

Nature-dry and warm. It is digested faster tha n roti. This is a complete diet.
Potatoes are rich in calcium, iron, vitamin B and phosphorus. potato
By eating, the blood vessels remain flexible till long life and do not harden.
Party. Therefore, long life can be obtained by eating potatoes. Dr. EP of Homeopathy
In his book ‘Therapeutic By-Veg’, Enshuse has given various uses of potatoes.

What is the benefits & advantage of eating Potato ?

Some Useful experiments of  Taking Potato-

Beri-Beri – Beri-beri means – cannot walk. from this disease
Symptoms are characteristic. Potatoes by grinding, pressing,
Take out and give a dose of one spoon four times a day. raw potatoes
Swallowing the juice by chewing it gives the same benefit.

Vitamin ‘C’ Potato contains a lot of Vitamin ‘C’. in sweet milk
Can drink together. Roasting potatoes in hot ash with peel is the most
It is beneficial or eat it after boiling it in water with peel. water in which potatoes are boiled
Don’t throw it away, rather make potato curry in this water , then eating potato . Minerals in this water And more vitamins.
Beauty enhancer—Potato juice is useful for rejuvenating the skin, because it contains
It is rich in potassium, sulfur and chlorine. Apply potato juice on the skin

Scurvy – This disease occurs due to deficiency of Vitamin ‘C’. of this disease
In the initial stage, the power of body and mind becomes weak, that is, the body of the patient.
Weak, incapable, slow, sore and pale-looking. breathless with little effort
That is, instead of activity in man, inaction comes. having some form of disease
But from under the covering around the hair follicles on the skin of the legs
Bleeding, small red rash under the skin around the hair
(Petchiae) emerge. Then on the skin of the torso also around the follicles such large
Larger rashes (Ecchymoses) come out. Skin looks dry, rough and dry
Is. In other words, hyperkeratosis occurs. The gums are already swollen and bleed easily. Later on, as the disease progresses, bleeding from the leg muscles, especially the extensor muscles, causes painful and palpable glands to form in them. The secretion in the heart and flesh can also cause heart colic. There may also be open bleeding from the nostrils etc. Caries and Pyorrhoea also often appear due to deficiency of this vitamin. Raw potato removes blood bile.

Advantages of Taking Potato –

Bruises—Sometimes an injury results in blue. Grind raw potato and apply it on the blue area. Burns or Scalds –

(1) Grind raw potato and apply it on the burnt area.

(2) If the skin has been scorched due to strong sunlight, heat, then the juice of raw potato scorched skin

By applying it, the beauty shines. Heartburn – Drink potato juice in it. If the juice is difficult to extract, chew raw potato in the mouth and drink the juice and spit out the pulp. This gives relief in heartburn. In heartburn, the patient feels a burning sensation in the heart. Drinking its juice gives instant cooling.

Potato help in Acdity-

Acidity – For those who have excess acidity (sourness) in their digestive organs, sour belching and excessive air formation, potatoes roasted in hot ash or sand are very beneficial for them. Roasted potato gets digested in half a time than wheat bread and provides more nutritious substances to the body than wheat bread. Removes chronic constipation and intestinal rot. Potato contains potassium salt which prevents acidity. Potato is alkaline in nature which reduces acidity. Acidity patients can remove acidity by eating potatoes regularly in the food.

Gout: Grind raw potato and apply it on the thumb, it reduces pain. Apply it on the painful area also. Gout – After baking four potatoes, peeling them, add salt and pepper and eat them regularly. by this

Arthritis is cured. Rheumatism—a small continuous in both pockets of pajamas or trousers

If you keep potatoes, it protects against rheumatism. Eating potatoes is also very beneficial. Lumbago – Apply poultice of raw potato in the waist. Knee – If there is inflammation of the knee, synovitis and any kind of disease in this joint, then grinding raw potato and applying it is very beneficial.

Erysipelas – This is an infectious skin disease in which small swollen pimples appear, the skin appears red and fever is accompanied by it. The old pimples get better as well as the others spread quickly. Grinding potato and applying it on this disease is beneficial.

Renal Calculi– If there is a stone in one or both the kidneys, eating only potatoes is very beneficial. Only potato for stone patient

Kidney stones and sand are easily removed by feeding and frequent feeding. Magnesium is found in potatoes, which removes stones and prevents them from forming. Patients with kidney or kidney should eat potatoes in their food. Potatoes are high in potassium and low in sodium, and high in potassium.more than kidneys

Removes the amount of salt, it benefits the kidney patient.

Eating potatoes fills the stomach and satisfies hunger. fat in potatoes

(fat) or grease is not found. It is power giving, digests quickly. Therefore, it can be eaten in place of cereals. Obesity- Potato does not increase obesity. After frying potatoes, applying hot spices, ghee etc., the grease that goes into the stomach increases obesity. Boiling potatoes or roasting them in hot sand or ash is beneficial and safe.

If high blood pressure patients also eat , then blood pressure remains normal. Boil potatoes by adding salt to water. When peeled, the salt reaches less in  it and the potato becomes salty food. Thus it benefits in high blood pressure. Magnesium is found in potatoes which reduces high blood pressure. Grate fair complexion-potato and rub it on the skin. The color will turn white.

Swelling – Cut raw potatoes like a vegetable. The weight of the potatoes, its

Boil it in one and a half times water. When only one fold of water remains, that water hurt

Wash, bake the swollen organs, there will be benefit.

Rubbing raw potato on a stone and applying it like kajal in the morning and evening, 5-6 years old web and 4 years old puffiness gets cleared in 3 months.

Does Eating Potato is Nutritious food of children ?

By feeding potato juice to milk-drinking children and older children, they become fat and fresh. You can also drink potato juice mixed with honey. The method of extracting potato juice is that after washing potatoes thoroughly in fresh water, grate them along with the peel and press this pulp in a cloth and extract the juice. Keep this juice covered for an hour. When all the garbage-pulp settles at the bottom, separate the pure juice from the top and use it.

Protein (1) Dried potatoes contain 8.5% protein while dry rice contains 6.7% protein. Thus, more protein is found in potatoes. (2) Potatoes contain protein like chicken chicks. Protein is essential for older people. The protein of potatoes is very powerful for the elderly and removes the weakness of old age.

Wrinkles of the skin – Grind raw potato and rub it on the hands when there are wrinkles on the skin of the hands due to cold-dry winds in winter. This will cure the wrinkles. Lemon juice is also equally beneficial. Ringworm, pimples, gas, neuralgia by drinking raw potato juice

And the diseases of the muscles are removed. Acne- Boil potatoes, peel and rub its peels on the face. This cures acne.

Apply raw potato juice or grind raw potato chutney on ringworm, itching.

Apply the coating Mix the same amount of water in a quarter cup of raw potato juice and drink it twice daily.

benefits from.


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