Tea and Coffee

Does Drinking Tea And Coffee is good for our health ?


Latin name – Coffea arabica

Advantage Of Tea and Coffee –

Best Advantage Of Drinking Coffee-

Pain: Anywhere, whatever the pain may be, it is lessened by drinking coffee. Coffee contains caffeine which induces stimulation by affecting the sensory cortex in the brain. This reduces pain. Coffee induces more urination. Drinking coffee dilates the heart and respiratory tubes.

If there is severe cough, asthma attack, then drink hot enough without milk and sugar.

Invigorating and digestive –

Drinking coffee removes mental and physical fatigue and post-meal disturbances in the stomach. Taking coffee after a meal makes the mind happy and lightheaded as if nothing has been eaten in the stomach. – Hahnemann

Abdominal pain caused by eating and drinking, severe indigestion caused by consuming opium, indigestion of food,

Stomach pain, in such a situation, drinking strong coffee gives energy. fatigue caused by insomnia

Even drinking coffee goes away. Drinking coffee seems to be fun. – farrington

Drinking coffee provides relief during an asthma attack. It’s without sugar and milk

Drink that Opium-

Drinking hot coffee twice with an interval of half an hour ends the intoxication of opium. If those who give up the habit of eating opium keep drinking coffee for a few weeks, then the habit of eating opium is left.

Weakness –

Drinking too much coffee makes semen thinner, weakens the senses, stops appetite. Digestion becomes weak. In old age, the memory power is better by drinking coffee. old age by drinking coffee regularly

The risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease is reduced by up to 50 percent. Pregnant women should consume coffee sparingly, as it reduces the weight of the newborn. By drinking coffee continuously for a long time, the nerves become weak, health is bad.

lives. Therefore, it should be taken as a medicine only when needed. drinking coffee

Four doses of homeopathic medicine Nux Vomica 30 should be taken regularly

All its side effects go away after taking it for a week.

Tea (TEA)

Latin name Camellia thea

Advantage  / Disadvantage of Drinking Tea –

Take tea, milk and sugar in required quantity, boil it a lot, then filter it and drink it.

The tea made in this way does a lot of damage.

The right way to make tea is as follows – boil water, milk, sugar in required quantity. When it starts boiling, take it down and put the required amount of tea in it and keep it covered for eight minutes.

After this, filter it and drink it after having some breakfast. The tea thus made is healthy for the body. Mint, dry ginger, black pepper, clove, cardamom can also be added to make the tea more palatable. Such tea is more delicious and beneficial for health.

A cup of tea contains 4 grams of tannin which acts as a poison in your body. Let a cup of tea stand for some time. After an hour or two check its condition that there will be black tea under the nicotine layer on top. What will be the change in colour?

By going into this natural body, this condition is of that tea. You can see the layer of tea with your finger, how sticky and thick it is, which causes disorders in the intestines. See how much tea hurts. Tea only gives an illusion of freshness.

Tea contains tannin which hinders the digestion of iron in the body. Therefore, drink tea after two hours of taking iron-containing things and iron-rich medicines. Do not make a habit of drinking tea. Tea causes a lot of harm if it is used to drink tea regularly. It reduces digestion power. Burns the blood and dries the body.


Disadvantages of Tea :

(1) Tea spoils the intestines and stomach.

(2) Tea spoils the appetite. Sleep fades away.

(3) Tea increases acidity in the stomach.

(4) Sometimes ulcers are caused by tea.

(5) Drinking more tea increases the heartbeat and there is a possibility of heart disease.

If you want to drink tea, do not drink it more than once or twice and do not give it on an empty stomach. To remove the ill-effects of tea, drink five cups of pure water after drinking a cup of tea. Tea is harmful for insomnia patients and drug addicts. This way

If the patient drinks tea, the disease will become very serious. Drinking tea reduces sleep. Tea

Acidity and the result is harmful for those with peptic ulcer.

Caffeine-tea-coffee has become a tradition. The researchers concluded

It is said that ‘caffeine’ found in tea, coffee can reduce the ability of a person to work.

gives. 350 mg in three cups of coffee and one cup of tea. contains caffeine and so

Consumption of caffeine in moderation can increase stress in a person as well as reduce the ability to concentrate. – Dainik Bhaskar, Jaipur, February 1, 2001 Tea is a plant medicine, not a daily drink. It is beneficial if taken as needed.

It is beneficial for cold climate and cold nature people. Drinking tea on an hungry stomach worsens digestion and drinking it at bedtime reduces sleep. Neuralgia, blood pressure increases with tea, so such patients should not drink tea.

Diarrhea, convulsions-

Grind one teaspoon of tea leaves and quarter teaspoon of salt together and take three parts of it with warm water thrice a day. Do this regularly. There will be benefit in the diarrhea caused by twisting.

Shine in the hair –

keeping the shampoo in the hair for a long time can reduce dandruff , instead grows. Washing hair with tea water stops hair fall.

Boil tea leaves, filter its water and keep it in the fridge. After washing the hair, this water is used as a conditioner in the hair.
Stay tuned, it will add shine to the hair.

Cholesterol – Drinking tea reduces the risk of heart disease. Tea reduces the amount of cholesterol in the blood.

Bone, joint pain –

Excessive consumption of tea can cause joint pain, yellowing of teeth, depression, stress etc. A cup of tea contains 18.13 ppm fluoride, while according to the World Health Organization only 1.5 ppm fluoride is appropriate. Due to excessive consumption of fluorosis, complaints of pain, weakness etc. in the joints of bones are common.

The excess amount of fluoride that accumulates around the red blood cells present in the body does not allow the distribution of oxygen properly. The primary stage is fatigue due to lack of oxygen in these granules. Slowly fluoride erodes bones, causing joint pain. Sometimes fluoride enters the kidneys

Which makes it difficult to pass urine. Treatment of fluorosis disease is possible in children up to 12 years of age. Vitamin ‘C’ and ‘D’ are the most effective in fluorosis disease. Bhaskar, Jaipur March 4, 2001

Loss of appetite By boiling tea for a long time, a chemical called tannin is released in it, which gets deposited on the inner wall of the stomach, due to which hunger stops.

Vata – Tea increases uric acid in urine. Uric acid increases inflammation of the joints. Therefore, Vata patients should not drink tea. The homeopathic medicine Thea chinensis is made from tea. This tea removes the side effects of drinking too much such as indigestion, insomnia, weakness, excessive heartbeat, air in the stomach, heartburn etc. Take five doses in this 30 strength.

Home Uses of Tea –

(1) Mixing a little lime (available in Panwadi) in wet tea leaves, rubbing it on mirrors or mirrors, after some time cleans it with a dry cloth.

(2) Adding a pinch of washing powder from the remaining leaves of tea leaves the dishes clean by rubbing them on the utensils.

(3) Boil tea leaves in water for one hour and keep it closed in a vial. The solution will work well for cleaning varnished furniture, doors, etc.

(4) Rubbing boiled tea leaves on wooden furniture leaves the furniture scum.

(5) Sugarless tea leaves are a good fertilizer for rose plant.

(6) If there are fly-mosquitoes in your kitchen, then after making tea, put the tea leaves in the fireplace and smoke it in the kitchen.

(7) Keeping a matchbox in a box of tea leaves does not cause dampness in it.

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