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Best Advantages Of Tomato Juice | it is also very helpful for your eye health


|Latin name- Lycopersicum esculentum (Lyscopersicum esculentum)

Advantage of  Eating Tomato –

Avoiding heat- Drinking tomato juice in the morning keeps the heat cool. He is not afraid of heat. It is beneficial to keep drinking tomato juice in weakness. Eating anti-oxidants things prevents diseases. Anti-oxidants are found in tomatoes and carrots. Tomato is a storehouse of power and beauty. Consuming foods in their natural state gives more benefits. It is more beneficial to eat tomatoes, carrots, radish raw only.

Lettuce – Tomato, carrot, radish, cucumber, onion etc. Cut whatever is available, coriander, mint, black salt, lime, fresh curd instead of lime, add raw coconut, jaggery or honey in place of onion to sweeten Eating 100 grams gives nutritious food. Salad should be eaten in lunch. To get the most out of tomatoes, eat it in salads.

Make a chutney by grinding chutney-tomato, green coriander leaves, two cloves of garlic salt and making chutney, eating it during meals during the day gives good appetite, food is digested quickly, minerals and vitamins are found. Tomato purifies the blood. The properties of buttermilk (matta) and tomato are similar. Tomato is both food and medicine. If tomatoes are not eaten because they are sour, then add sugar.

Lycopene is found in red-yellow colored fruits and vegetables. Lycopene is found in abundance in tomatoes. Lycopene eliminates ‘free radicals’. 90 Lycopene is a very powerful antioxidant that has a greater effect than Vitamin C.

and prevents serious diseases, such as cancer, and in case of cancer, every organ

Beneficial in cancer. Lungs, heart and stomach function smoothly with lycopene

moves from. Lycopene accelerates the functioning of the immune system and slows down the progression of degenerative diseases. Do not eat tomatoes raw for the antioxidants obtained from tomatoes to go directly into the blood. Cook tomatoes and eat them. Take processed food items of tomato- tomato sauce, soup etc. Eat tomatoes in your food regularly and avoid deadly diseases. Tomato every prostate cancer

profitable in.

Tomatoes are rich in copper, which increases the red cells present in the blood. Tomato increases appetite and is a power booster. The iron in tomatoes is twice that of milk. By eating a large, fresh red tomato regularly, a person is protected from many diseases.

Lime –

Lime is found more in tomatoes than other fruits and vegetables. Lime makes bones strong. Tomato consumption is useful to remove the weakness of teeth and bones.

Iron – Iron is found in very high quantities in tomatoes. Iron is required daily during pregnancy. That’s why the consumption of tomatoes is beneficial. Tomatoes contain five times more iron than eggs. Drinking a glass of tomato juice removes anemia and increases blood flow. Faras – One cup of red tomato juice mixed with one spoon of sugar regularly

Apply it on the roots and wash the head after fifteen minutes. The farce will go away in a week.

Dark spots on the face, freckles and acne – 100 grams of tomato juice, 100 grams of carrot juice, 100 grams of spinach juice, 50 grams of honey or as needed, by mixing all of them regularly in the morning on an empty stomach, skin stains, After getting rid of acne, freckles, the face becomes red like a tomato. Beyond this use, all cosmetics are completely toxic. Cut red tomato, sprinkle ground turmeric and rub it on the face thrice daily. Wash off after 15 minutes.

Does Tomato is Beauty enhancer-


Mix a few drops of lemon juice in tomato juice and apply it on the face and wash the face after 15 minutes by rubbing it. The face will become clean and soft and shiny.

To remove dark spots on the face, soak cotton or gaz in tomato juice and rub it on the scars. The dark spots will clear up.

Asthma- Tomatoes increase the efficiency of the lungs. people who have asthma or other

Tomatoes are a panacea for those suffering from any respiratory disease. Whooping cough, phlegm (mucus) gets accumulated in the throat and lungs. The sound of house-to-house comes out with the breath.

Make tomato soup by adding ground black pepper or red pepper and drinking it hot four times a day is beneficial. Tomato soup is expectorant. Cold, Cough –

(1) Make tomato soup by adding three cloves, a little ginger • Drink it three times a day, hot and cold, cough is cured.

Drink hot soup twice a day.

Digestive power – Tomato gives strength to the large intestine, removes the wounds of the eyes and improves digestion power. Constipation is not caused by continuous consumption of tomatoes and diarrhea is cleared; The trouble goes away. The stomach remains clean. Keeps us healthy by taking out the poison of the stomach. In Europe and America, tomato juice is given to breastfed babies. Deworming – Twice in the morning and evening on a hungry stomach, ground on red tomatoes for 21 days

Stomach worms die by eating black pepper mixed with salt.


Tomato is very beneficial for this. Tomato sourness reduces the amount of sugar in the body. The passing of sugar in the urine gradually decreases.




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