Some advantages of eating turmeric and salt-

Turmeric (TURMERIC, CURCUMA) Latin name – Curcuma longa


Best Advantage Of Turmeric –

Turmeric is an antiseptic and blood purifier among its health benefits. The main purpose behind bathing the groom with turmeric paste is to keep him healthy and to generate anti-disease power in him. Turmeric is hot in nature, so it is also helpful in energizing and regulating blood transport. Old age is kept away by the consumption of turmeric, diseases do not stay in the body for a long time.

Turmeric is healthy, auspicious and fortunate, so it is used in auspicious work and marriage etc. Turmeric is a disinfectant like penicillin and streptomycin. Element – Turmeric contains a special type of volatile oil 5.8%. in oil

There is a terpent called curcumin which helps in reducing the cholesterol collected in the arteries of the blood.

Has the ability to dissolve. Apart from this, vitamin ‘A’ in turmeric, protein 6.3%,

Carbohydrates are 69.4% and minerals are 3.5%.

Turmeric has amazing power to destroy bacteria. Turmeric purifies the blood. Turmeric is very beneficial in Venus (semen) related disorders. This thing destroys vices. Turmeric being bitter and pungent, it is juicy, dry, hot semen, phlegm, bile destroyer, skin and blood disorders. Its consumption is very beneficial in inflammation, anemia. Being an antiseptic, turmeric destroys ulcers, boils and pimples.


Start the intake of turmeric in small quantity and gradually increase the quantity and keep consuming it for a long time. Do not consume more than 1 or 2 teaspoons of turmeric at a time. Take turmeric with water or milk. Apply the paste on the diseased part. There is a quick benefit when used both externally and internally. Grind turmeric

• Consume. In this article turmeric 1 teaspoon refers to 1 teaspoon ground turmeric. The uses of turmeric, which is consumed as a spice regularly, are being given here. Heart patients should use turmeric at least. Ami turmeric is more beneficial in pain. if it is available

If not, then use turmeric which is useful regularly.

Cancer –

A special type of alkaloid (alkaline element) curcumin element is found in turmeric which is anti-cancer. Consumption of turmeric does not produce a specific element mutagen in the body. It damages the DNA of the cells of the body. A camera patient should take half a teaspoon of turmeric once with water or milk.


Turmeric makes blood quickly after digesting the food and drink. Acidity:- Burning in the stomach, sour belching, when the air collects, equal quantity of turmeric and black raisins, grind both of them and make 4-4 tablets daily.

Eating 3 times is beneficial. Jaundice – 2 teaspoons of turmeric mixed with half a kilo of sour cream in the day

Eat 3 times. There will be benefit in jaundice.

Fever –

Mix 1 teaspoon turmeric, 10 black pepper (ground) in 1 glass of warm milk and drink it in the morning and evening. Fever that comes with cold will be cured. Have a sore throat If the voice has deteriorated, it will also be fine.


Piles, Piles– Grinding turmeric knot and applying it on piles is beneficial.


Due to stale food, disturbances in eating habits, the intestines get spoiled and diarrhoea. Turmeric removes toxins from the intestines. If there is any disease of the intestines, if there is diarrhoea, dissolve one teaspoon of turmeric in one cup of water and drink it twice a day, it cures intestinal diseases. In chronic diarrhea, taking 1 teaspoon turmeric mixed with 1 cup buttermilk twice daily for a few weeks is beneficial.

Cause of Biwais:

Due to lack of oily substances in the body, lack of nutritious elements, weak digestion power and constant contact with ash, acid, soil, lime, water, the seeds burst. Some people also consider it an allergy effect. The main reason for the bursting of biceps is the weakness of the digestive power and its disturbance. It is also attacked by worms in the stomach. Sometimes its effect is so strong that blood starts leaking from the affected organs. Treatment by putting salt in tolerable hot water for 15 minutes hands or feet, whichever

Be impressed, keep it immersed.

Mix one-fourth of the weight of the chutney prepared by grinding raw papaya like a chutney, mix about two tablespoons of ground turmeric in mustard oil and cook it like a pudding, and cover it well and tie a bandage by coating it on the affected areas. Repeat this action for two or three days. No matter how fast the seed is torn, it will be fine.

Cracked hands and feet:

Mixing ground turmeric in raw milk and rubbing it makes the skin soft. Hands and feet do not break. If they are cracked, fill them with turmeric. Will be fine Chapped lips- Mix a little turmeric in mustard oil and apply it on the lips and navel.

Lips will stop cracking. Anemia – Turmeric contains iron content. Mix two spoons of raw turmeric juice, spoon of honey, quarter cup of water and drink it twice daily. it removes blood loss it occurs.

Pain- Take one spoon ground raw turmeric mixed with a glass of warm milk, it cures pain anywhere in the body, back pain, headache. Do not add sugar to milk. Drink milk mixed with faded or honey.

Bone fracture –

half teaspoon turmeric with warm milk twice daily till the plaster remains,

Bone gets attached by taking it. Injury—any mark on the skin, boils, black-white, bruises, pains, sprains, pain due to injury, swelling, blood clots, wounds, prickly thorns, pain due to any reason Yes, there is only pain, rheumatic joint pain, use turmeric in all these conditions in the following way, it will be beneficial.

Available in every kitchen, beneficial drink C turmeric.

If you get hurt, take it with milk quickly.

1. Take half the quantity of turmeric, take half the quantity of ghee, heat both, tie a bundle in a cloth and bake it. After baking, spread it on the painful area, apply it, put cotton on it and tie a bandage. It is a felt experiment. would benefit. 2. Heat some turmeric in mustard oil and apply it. Make a paste by grinding raw turmeric. Make a paste by mixing turmeric and lime to be applied in betel leaves.

3. Knead two spoons of turmeric, one spoon of salt in a little water and apply it after heating.

4. Cook a little ghee or mustard oil, two spoons of ground turmeric, two spoons of onion juice, two spoons of wheat flour all like a pudding and apply it hot.

(1) Taking a spoonful of turmeric, a glass of warm milk and a spoonful of ghee on an injury ends pain and swelling. The wear and tear of the body is removed. Knead turmeric in water and apply it on the injured area. If there has been blood after being cut from the injury, then fill turmeric in that place, it will come down only after taking a khrant. Use of turmeric is beneficial for eye injury

(2) Cook pudding by mixing two spoons ground turmeric, four spoons wheat flour, one spoon country ghee, half spoon rock salt, little water. Tie a bandage of this pudding on the injured area. You can increase or decrease the quantity as required. Add half a teaspoon of rock salt, a teaspoon of turmeric to half a kilo of boiling hot water, then stir. Take off the pot and keep it covered. When it becomes like to bake, soak the cloth and bake the injured part with it. There will be relief in pain.

(3) Regular consumption of turmeric is also beneficial in broken bones.

(4) Grind an onion and mix a spoonful of turmeric and tie a bundle in a cloth. Heat it by placing it in sesame oil and bake it. After baking for some time, open the bundle and tie it on the painful area.

(5) If there is any injury, swelling has come from the injury, apply two parts ground turmeric and honey with one part lime, the pain will go away.

(6) Applying hot paste mixed with turmeric and oil at the place of injury, sprain is beneficial.

Use any one of the above mentioned various uses internally and any other paste.

Ear Piercing –

Both fenugreek and turmeric are used for the pain after ear piercing.

Grind it with water and apply it, it ends pain.

Teeth moving-

Put turmeric knots on burning coals and burn them. Cover the burnt turmeric knots with a vessel. These will extinguish and become turmeric charcoal. Similarly coal can also be made by burning it on gas. Grind this burnt turmeric and mix equal quantity of ground carom seeds in it. Wash it regularly. Moving teeth will become stronger. Roasting ground turmeric on a tawa and brushing it ends toothache.

Mix two spoons of ground turmeric, two spoons of white alum, 100 grams of very finely ground flour sifted through a sieve of salt – keep all these together. Mix half a teaspoon of this powder with 10 drops of mustard oil and rub it. Watery, moving, pain in the teeth will go away. Teeth will become clean and shine.

Yellowing of the teeth –

Mixing turmeric and salt in mustard oil cleans the teeth, removes the swelling and yellowing of the gums. Method- Grind 20 grams turmeric + 50 grams rock salt very finely and mix it with 30 grams mustard oil. Brush it twice daily. Tooth disease- By mixing turmeric, salt and mustard oil, brushing the teeth regularly

are strong. Roast turmeric on fire and grind it finely. by rubbing it on the sore teeth

The pain gets better. Tooth worms die. Teeth can also be brushed with turmeric only

The pain heals. Press a piece of turmeric under the painful tooth.

In case of worms in the teeth, dissolve a little turmeric in water and mix a little salt and rinse it, it ends pain. Distortion of vocal cords is corrected by gargling. Use lukewarm water.

Toothache– Grind turmeric and asafoetida by adding a little water and take the tablet.

And put it under the sore tooth and press it. This will cure toothache.

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