What is the advantage of eating sugar –

Sugar (SUGAR)

Best Advantage Of Eating Sugar –

Indigestion, indigestion, constipation, acidity, cold, rheumatism, foul-smelling sweat, tonsils, etc. diseases are caused by eating sugary things made of sugar in excess quantity. Eating too much sugar kills the taste buds, missing the natural sweetness of fresh fruits and vegetables. Therefore, sweets and things made of sugar should not be eaten, even if you have to eat, at least one should eat it.

Health and Eye Protection:

Credits from the author Dr. Govindbhai Patel. Granulated sugar has been called the ‘white poison’ in natural medicine. Eating it causes caries, rheumatism, blood pressure and the desire to consume alcohol. In its place sweet fruits, jaggery, molasses sugar, desi boora, sugar candy are useful. Eating sugar causes irresponsibility in behavior.

Irritability and anger come more. Sugar is an immaterial food. Vitamins and calcium present in the body are destroyed by its consumption. It is not necessary to eat sugar.

If the hiccups persist continuously, if it does not stop, then put a spoonful of sugar and sugar under the tongue and suck it. Hiccups will stop. Sucking sugar in this method stimulates the nerves of the back of the throat, which stops the signals inside the body and stops hiccups.

Cancer: Eating too much sugar causes cancer. -Doctor. J. In the last stage of Alice Barker cancer, stop giving sugar to the sick and only fruits and vegetables are given, then its pain decreases and he gets a lot of relief. -Doctor. M. R. lots

Obesity –

Liver cannot store more than 150 grams of sugar.

Therefore, eating more sugar is converted into fat and the body becomes unformed due to obesity.

becomes. -Doctor. Victor Laurens Dental Disease – Tooth decay is caused by excessive use of sugar. It has been proved from experiments that by feeding sugar to those with healthy teeth, teeth begin to deteriorate. The spoilage stops as soon as the sugar is stopped.

Child-paralysis –

Eating sugars with protein-rich substances causes paralysis. Oxalic acid is produced in the stomach due to excessive consumption of sugar in milk. When this acid mixes in the blood, it causes paralysis. Dr. Benjamin Seldler has written – “Excessive use of sugar causes child paralysis. If the patient is stopped from sugar for twenty-four hours, then he is saved. If children are not allowed to eat sugar for ten years, then they There will be neither paralysis nor death due to it. Pain in menstruation is caused by eating too much sugar.

Back pain –

Grind equal parts of poppy seeds (poppy seeds) and sugar candy and take two spoons daily with warm milk in the morning and evening. Back pain will disappear.

If there is restlessness, heartburn, pain in the body, then after drinking half a cup of hot sugar syrup, cover it with a cloth and sleep. There will be rest soon.

Dizziness- Chewing after mixing two spoons of sugar and two spoons of dry coriander is beneficial.

Itching –

Those who have itching should not eat sugar and sugar-based things, such as toffee, sweets. Itching will be cured. Burning – Dissolve sugar and apply it on the burnt parts. Add little amount of water so that the batter becomes thick. This stops the burning.

Diseases of summer season –

Add sugar in curd and eat it regularly in summer season. Due to this excessive thirst, heatstroke, and burning sensation go away. Cold and flu are fine. There is an increase in semen.

Strengthening –

Mix ten ground black pepper in two spoons of sugar and two spoons of ghee and lick the hungry stomach regularly. Due to this there is tension in the brain, headache of weakness is cured.

it happens.

If the eyes hurt, eating roti with native sugar (bura) or bitter gourd is beneficial.

If the cough continues repeatedly, keep a piece of sugar candy in the mouth. Do not chew sugar candy but

Keep sucking on her.

Stones –

15 grains of big cardamom, one spoon of melon seeds, two spoons of sugar candy – grind them all and mix them in a cup of water and drink it regularly in the morning and evening. It also dissolves kidney stones. Cholesterol – Increases by eating sugar.


sugar, lemon juice, gram flour and water, mix three spoons each and apply it on the head. Wash your head with soap after an hour. Apply coconut oil on dry hair. The farce will go away.

Stopped cold –

smoke in the nose by pouring sugar on the burning coals a  cold that has stopped on stretching is cured. Saccharum officinale, a Chinese medicine in homeopathy. When there is redness on the skin, watery skin, itching, then taking five doses of eight tablets of Saccharum officinal 30 potency regularly provides quick relief.

Prompt delivery –

In the last part of the delivery period, when there is no mechanical blockage, there is a delay due to non-functioning of the ovary, in that condition the use of sugar is suitable for speedy delivery. 25 grams of sugar should be dissolved in water and given several times with an interval of half an hour.

Diarrhea –

Diarrhea means passing loose stools at least thrice a day. Due to diarrhea, there is a lack of water, salt and energy in the body quickly. For the treatment of diarrhea, make the patient drink water and salt, boil the water and cool it and fill a glass. Add a little salt and as per taste

Mix sugar and mix. Drink it again and again. Keep giving the patient something or the other and

Ask to eat regular food, so that physical weakness does not happen.


If the headache increases with the rising of the sun and subsides with the setting of the sun, then in such a headache, stand in front of the sun at the time of the rising of the sun and drink 60 grams of sugar mixed with 150 grams of water slowly. Half the headache will be cured.

Aversion, Sickness of Stomach –

lack of desire to eat or drink Sugar, tamarind and finely ground quarter teaspoon black pepper in a cup of water by mixing together . By drinking this four times, interest towards food and drink arises.

Caution –

After eating sugar or any sweet thing, the teeth should be cleaned properly. Failure to do so will damage the teeth. Diabetic patients should not eat sugar and sugar products.

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