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Best Advantage Of Wheat (Flour)-


Latin name – Triticum aestivum

Triticum Vulgare

Triticum durum

Best Advantages of Wheat –

Wheat bread is better than other cereals.

Semen passing with urine: Soak 100 grams of wheat in water at night. Make lassi by grinding them on a stone in the same water in the morning. Add sugar to taste. Drinking for seven days gives relief. Abortion – Those who have a miscarriage, after sprouting a handful of wheat, mix 20 raisins in it and eat it once daily. This is a simple way to consume Vitamin ‘E’

Is. It does not cause abortion.

Identification of the bite of a mad dog – Knead the wheat flour in water and tie its roti (without baking it on the tawa) by placing the dog on the bitten place. After a while, open it and put it to another dog to eat. If this dog does not eat that flour, then it should be understood that the mad dog has bitten. If it eats, then understand that the dog which has bitten is not mad.

Boil (1) In the event of a boil, chew twenty grains of wheat in the mouth and apply it on the boil if there is a fine pulp. There will be rest.

(2) Add salt, water to wheat flour and cook it like a pudding and tie it on the boil, it breaks the boil. If there is pain in half the head, then it is cooked in ghee before sunrise.

Eat puris and vegetables with green leaves. Half a headache is cured by eating continuously for a few days.

Will be done.

Mixing ground fennel with water, filtering and kneading wheat flour in this fennel water, making roti is beneficial. Knead the dough of digested wheat and keep it for an hour and then make roti out of it.

Eat. This roti gets digested quickly. Antidiabetic porridge- 500 grams peeled moong dal; 500 grams of rice, 500 grams of millet; Fry 500 grams of wheat by mixing all these and make porridge. Mix 50 grams white sesame seeds and 20 grams carom seeds in this porridge. Take 50 grams of this porridge and boil it in 400 grams of water. Make a porridge by adding rock salt, green chili, green coriander season vegetables to taste and eat it for ten days in the morning and evening. By consuming this insulin injection will be missed, diabetes will be cured, obesity will decrease. Eat seven days per month.

Wheat benefits in injury and diseases  –


Wheat ash, ghee and jaggery-mixing these three in equal quantity and taking one spoon each morning and evening ends the pain of injury.

Painkiller –

Soak 3 spoons wheat porridge in a cup of water at night. In the morning, add two spoons of ground coriander, two spoons of poppy seeds and milk, sugar and cook it like kheer. Quantity can be increased as per requirement and taste. It is a painkiller. This kheer removes the disorder of digestion power, is a power booster.

Swelling –

Boiling wheat and washing the swollen area with warm water, reduces swelling. When a bone is broken, 12 grams of wheat ash mixed with the same amount of honey is broken by licking.

Bones are joined. There is also relief in back and joint pain.

In case of bone breakage, injury, sprain – make wheat pudding (sera) in jaggery and eat it.

This will give relief in pain, bone will join soon. Bake the roti from one side, keep it raw on one side. Apply sesame oil on the raw side and tie it on the painful part. This will make the pain go away. Worms: Mix equal quantity of boric acid powder in wheat flour and make tablets by adding water and keep them in wheat. Insects, cockroaches will not live.

Faras –

Soak the hair with the juice of wheat plants for ten minutes, then wash it.

The farce goes away.

Skin diseases –

especially in hard, latent and dry skin diseases like scurvy, wicked acne and ringworm, after roasting wheat very well on a hot pan, when it becomes like ashes, grind it very well in a grater and mix it with pure mustard. Incurable and chronic skin diseases of many years have been cured by mixing it with oil and applying it on the respective place.

-Doctor. KKP Verma, Bihar Itching in fingers- In winter and rain, the fingers of hands and feet start itching and swelling comes. To cure this, put a handful of straw (wheat husk) given to animals and boil it in 2 liters of water, when the water is hot and lukewarm, then soak hands and feet, you will get relief. This remedy is beneficial even if the feet are torn apart.

Itching: Mixing wheat flour with water and applying it on the skin, itching,

It is beneficial to apply it on irritated boils, pimple and burnt by fire.

Ringworm, itching, chronic skin diseases- Roast wheat in an iron vessel and burn it and grind it.

Mix mustard oil in it and apply it as an ointment.

Cough- After mixing 20 grams of wheat or wheat porridge and 5 grams of rock salt in a loaf of water, filter it and drink it twice a day, it ends cough. Burning of urine Soak 12 grams wheat in 250 grams water at night. filtering in the morning

Mixing 25 grams sugar candy in that water and drinking it ends burning sensation in urine.


Kidney and bladder stones by drinking water after kneading wheat and gram

It melts. Soak half a cup of whole wheat in water overnight. Grind wheat and sugar candy in the morning and mix it in a glass of water and drink it, weakness will be removed, metal disorders will be removed.

Impotence, Sterility –

Soak half a cup of wheat in water for twelve hours, then tie it in a wet thick cloth and keep it for twenty-four hours. In this way, sprouts will emerge in thirty-six hours. Eat these sprouted wheat without cooking it. You can eat it by adding jaggery or raisins for taste. Vitamin ‘E’ is found in these sprouted wheat. It is a storehouse of health and strength. It is beneficial in impotence and sterility. 25 grams only for childbirth Sprouted wheat should be eaten for three days and then for three days, the same number of sprouted urad should be eaten alternately. Try this for a few months. Wheat sprouts are nectar. In these, all the vitamins necessary for the protection of the body are found in abundance. All diseases are cured by eating wheat sprouts.

According to Hippocrates, ‘Your food is your medicine.’ Wheat jowar juice is not only nutritious of the best quality, but it is also a healthy food containing pure-natural-natural chlorophyll. Most of the physicians of Boston city of America put their patients on the juice of wheatgrass and got miraculous results. If you are suffering from skin diseases, diabetes, asthma, cold, allergies and rheumatism, then jowar

Start drinking juice. The juice of wheat jowar purifies the blood. Many diseases get destroyed by this.

Pure blood is necessary to keep every organ of the body healthy. Many Americans have also got rid of diseases like cancer by consuming wheatgrass juice for only one month. ‘Laetrile’ is found in the juice of wheat jowar, which destroys cancer cells. The work that ‘insulin’ does in diabetes is what ‘laetrile’ does for cancer. According to Dr. Laetrile Kebs, the amount of ‘Laetrile’ in the original seed, 100 times more ‘Laetrile’ is in sprouted grains and tender, fresh green vegetables.

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