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Best Advantage Of Taking Yogurt (Curd)



Best Advantage of Eating Yogurt ( Curd)

Nature-(Taseer) hot. Curd is more beneficial than milk. Curd contains 18 times more calcium (lime) than milk. Those who do not digest milk, curd is also digested by them. 80% curd turns into potency only after eating.

The quality of protein in yogurt is excellent. The amount of B-vitamins, especially thiamine, riboflavin and nicotamide, doubles in the curdling process. Curd is easily digested as compared to milk. Like milk, curd also contains a lot of protein and calcium. Curd is also digestible for those who cannot digest milk.

Harmful – Do not eat curd in asthma, shortness of breath, cough, phlegm, inflammation, blood bile, fever. Curd

Should not eat at night. Indigestion – By adding ground cumin, salt and black pepper to the curd and eating it regularly, indigestion is cured. Food gets digested quickly.

Diarrhea –

Mix 100 grams barfi and 150 grams curd and eat both in the morning and evening. The diarrhea will stop. A service-oriented person has told people many times after seeing success, he has told this his felt recipe. The quantity can be increased or decreased according to the capacity of the child and the eater.


Eat curd sweet in Amlapitta. The curd should not be too sour.

Too sour curd increases acid or acidity and due to high amount of lactic acid

This causes lethargy and weakness in the body. Taking curd, rice and sugar candy together before sunrise ends the headache that increases with sunrise. Take it for at least six days. Arsh (hemorrhagic) – As long as the blood keeps coming in the piles, eat only curd.

Come on, don’t eat anything else. The bleeding will stop. Food of babies – According to Bulgarian pediatrician Dr. Asain-Fiqab, curd is the best food for the child after mother’s milk. In Bulgaria, yogurt is given to babies who are unable to get breast milk.

To remove the inflammation of the intestines, consume more and more curd several times a day. Eat less and less bread. Eat curd when you are hungry.

• Entero-Gastroenterologist from Bulgaria itself, Prof. According to Tasho Tashev, after giving antibiotics, the adverse effect on the bacterial flora of the intestine can be prevented by curd. Is. Dysentery – Mix two spoons of Isabgol husk with curd and eat it thrice a day. Take the first dose in the morning on a hungry stomach. Eating curd is beneficial in dysentery.

Prophylactic – People who regularly consume curd can get many types of

There are no diseases. Eating curd neither dares to suppress heart disease nor stress

Only related diseases can come close. Method of eating curd- The best and beneficial way to eat curd is to mix fresh and sweet flavored curd with sugar and a little water and use it in the morning meal. A little water must be added to the curd so that the curd becomes disorder free. By adding sugar or honey to curd, sweetening it and eating it increases its properties.

Sourness of curd – If curd turns sour, tie it in a cloth and hang it. The sourness will go away by dripping water. Dryness- Eating sugar mixed with curd removes the dryness of the body. Dysfunction caused by pitta and sunlight – to remove the discomfort of the summer season

For this, drink curd lassi mixed with rock salt and roasted cumin. freshness and

Enthusiasm will come.

Keep eating fresh sweet curd that increases masculine strength. till old age became masculine power

Will stay Syphilis or panic disorder will also be cured.

Weakness is removed by drinking lassi of curd regularly. Thoughts are sattvik. The body remains full of youth. Irritability, anger does not come in the brain. There is peace of mind. There is no restlessness.

Curd is also said to be very beneficial in heart diseases, high blood pressure, obesity and kidney diseases. If the heart is beating fast, there is high blood pressure, if the heart is submerged, then drinking a glass of curd lassi regularly is beneficial.

Cardiologist of America Prof. According to George Xi Mann, curd is the best thing for the prevention of heart disease. It has the ability to eliminate a deadly substance called cholesterol that is formed in the blood. Cholesterol blocks the blood flow to the blood vessels, leading to a heart disease called otorous clerosis. Those who eat greasy foods fall prey to this disease. So it is best to use curd.

Headache (in half the head) –

Headache which increases and decreases with the sun, this type of headache is called ‘Migraine’. The pain of ‘migraine’ is cured by eating rice with curd. Eat rice mixed with curd daily before the onset of headache at sunrise. Causes of hair fall- Hair fall starts due to excessive emotional pressure. In women, the lack of estrogen hormone causes more hair fall. Due to the lack of iron, vitamin ‘B’ and iodine in the diet, the hair falls more in untimely. To prevent hair fall, the head should be washed with curd. Yogurt contains all the ingredients that healthy hair needs. Apply curd to the roots of the hair and wash the head after twenty minutes. Doing so will bring benefits.

Black hair-

Squeeze a lemon in half a cup of curd and mix it. Apply it on the hair and leave it for 20 minutes, then wash the head, it will make the hair soft and black. Washing the head with hair-curd makes the hair soft and beautiful. Washing the head by mixing 10 ground black pepper in a cup of curd is good for cleansing. Hair remains soft and black and hair fall stops. Wash your hair like this at least once a week.

Faras –

(1) Faras, filling straw like white straw in the head, which is often itchy, the straw falls down while combing. Hair feels dry. Pharaoh can spread slowly and affect the whole body. Mix one cup of curd and three spoons of sugar. By mixing curd and sugar, such a chemical is formed which removes the abscess. Apply it on the scalp till the roots of the hair. Wash the hair after twenty minutes. This removes the farce.

(2) Mix salt in a cup of curd and take a billow, beat it. Wash your hair with this. The abscess will be removed

(3) Curd, four spoons coconut oil, one spoon + one spoon of lit icing on the cake, mix everything and wash the head once an hour by applying it to the roots of the hair.

Wrinkles –

Grind half a spoon, two spoons of coconut oil and yogurt in a cloth, hang it, take out the water and mix it well in five spoons and apply it on the face and wash it after half an hour. By doing this regularly, the wrinkles of the face will be erased and the dark spots and marks will also go away.

Cleansing of the skin –

Mixing a spoonful of lemon juice in a tablespoon of curd, soaking cotton wool and rubbing it on the face cleans the face, the skin becomes soft. Take a bath after massaging curd on itchy body. Itching, dryness, roughness on hands and feet, everything will be fine. Also drink curd lassi. It is beneficial in summer season.

Blemishes, acne –

When the skin becomes dry, black, spots, spots appear in places, if the face becomes ugly due to acne, then massage the face and body with curd like rubbish, then take a bath after five minutes. Mix gram flour in curd and mix it. The skin will become soft. If there is swelling, pain, burning in the boil, then tie curd that has been removed from the water. Put curd in a cloth, tie a bundle and hang it. The curd water will drip from it. Then put it on the boil and tie a bandage. Change the bandage three times a day.



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